This thing has been an issue since a long time. People treat these three as the exact same things but they aren't. I will explain the differences in the following sub-section and keep in mind that MANY powers will be renamed after this because the difference is now being cleared. Also, keep in mind that there are many definitions of these terms but obviously the wiki cannot use all of them at the same time, so it will use very specific one.

Absolute Powers

This the elephant in the room as there are many absolute vs absolute debates that have been plaguing the wiki since it's creation. To start off, the absolute power category is the strongest category. Nothing surpasses it, not omni, not meta, not anything else. So, the basic definition of Absolute will be a level beyond the logical limits of a field. For example absolute fire will be fire that burns in vacuum or under water because the logical limts of fire is that it needs oxygen to burn and without oxygen it will be illogical for a "fire" to exist.

From the above it may be clear that absolute power doesn't need to be omnipotent/infinite in all cases. Only in cases where the field doesn't have any logical limits like magic, strength, immortality, regeneration, etc will absolute powers be on omnipotent/infinite leve

Now, another thing to note that these "limits" aren't verse dependent and are not to be confused with the rules of a specific verse. To understand this better let us suppose that in a verse magic only works if the target hears the spell. Now let's imagine a witch that is able to surpass this limitation and is capable of affecting a deaf person. So, is she a user of Absolute Magic? No because what she did wasn't illogical, she only broke the rules of her own verse which at best will qualify as rule bending.

Omni Powers

Now, many people confuse omni powers with omnipotent powers which is wrong. Omni power category is as I said earlier below Absolute category. Omni simply means "all". So, having Omni powers simply means that you have all possible powers of that field. For example- if you have omni-fire manipulation, you simply wield all possible flames nothing else.

Now, many people would have this question- "If Omni means to have all powers, then won't it by default include absolute power as well". The answer is no. Absolute is something illogical, i.e, something that doesn't exist, something that isn't possible which is against the definition of an omni power- "to have all possible powers".

As you might have guessed, many omni powers will be renamed as absolute powers and many absolute powers will be renamed as omni powers.

Meta Powers

This is a really tricky one. To start of off, meta powers for whatever reason has been treated as something beyond all absolute/omni powers which is an extreme contradiction to the actual definition of meta. It has mainly two definition. The first and the main definition of meta means questioning the nature of a field or power. To understand it better let me oversimplify the absolute/omni/meta thing-

  • Absolute- A level beyond logical limits
  • Omni- All Powers
  • Meta- What is a power?

Yes, that's radically different than the terminology of that we have been used to and needless to say 99.9% of meta powers will be renamed as absolute powers. The second definition is kind of inline with the current definition we seem to be using. It's that meta means transcending something or being beyond something but then absolute and meta become literally the same thing and nothing suggests meta being beyond absloute powers considering that absolute powers are already illogical and even users of omni powers don't have them. So, the main suggestion is to merge meta with absolute as using any of the definitions make it eiter obsolete or redundant.

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