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  • Alphaverse

The Alphaverse is the first universe in existence and was home to many Titans of Hyperversal (1-B) power. This is technically a hyperverse, but for simplicity's sake, it is included here.

  • Betaverse

This is the equivilent to our universe, although having several significant differences, such as:

    • The number of inhabited planets outnumbers uninhabited ones 2:1
    • Has much more advanced technology

This universe is home to many of the main characters, including Dylan, Ryceb and Scarlett

  • Gammaverse

Tumalon's home universe. It is one of the most technologically advanced universes in the multiverse.

  • Deltaverse
  • Epsilonverse
  • Zetaverse
  • Thetaverse
  • Omicronverse
  • Upsionverse
  • Sigmaverse
  • Omegaverse


  • Dylan
  • Ryceb
  • Scarlett

List of powers that I'm gonna need later:

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