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"You look surprised. Does that scare you, that something you can't comprehend happened right before your eyes, and you couldn't stop it."
― Ichigo (Bleach)

The ability to have truly impossible power

Also Called

  • Truly Beyond
    • Beyond Absolute Power
    • Infinite finite Might/Power
    • Above & Below Omnipotence
    • Impossible Power


Impossipotence (From Impossible Potent "Impossible power") This power is so impossible that even the users of this power don't have this power, but can use it to do anything they want regardless of that fact, allowing them to use any power they want or none at all while still somehow using them.

Principles of Impossipotence

Impossible power; It allows for all power to be superseded, Beyond absolute-level, The pinnacle of impossibility, existing above and beyond omnipotence unilaterally.

To elaborate, Impossipotence is the description of true impossibility, which unlike Omnipotence it isn't bound by anything. And can do the truly impossible such as " Defeating an omnipotent being without them losing their Omnipotence".

Beyond Omnipotence

By definition Beyond Omnipotence is impossible so there can never be one until now with as many Impossipotent beings per fiction, but even if an omnipotent or omnivastant being tries to gain this power they will only lose their Omnipotence/Omnivastance, because they can't attain Impossipotence, not even with their above all power.

As a truly impossible power it exceeds powers like Omnipotence/Omnivastance without being stronger and can still surpass them and not revoke their status.


Beyond Omnipotent Powers

All-Totality (Super truly official)


  • Omnipotence is a sub power of Impossipotence
    • Impossipotence by definition is the absolute impossible.
    • If something were to beat Impossipotence nothing changes they're still Impossipotent.
    • Impossipotents in fiction always have human-like personalities, thus they are impossible. However they are often the one to defeat the authors or omnipotents in their setting, thus they represent Impossipotence.
  • Trans-Fiction
    • All Impossipotent beings in the multiverse are separate and completely different beings unlike omnipotent beings.


  • Impossipotent beings can use their power in any fiction.
  • This power is so impossible that it can't be achieved via any powers used by omnipotent beings.