• Poostanky!

    Hello, Hello, Hello you magnificent people!

    Welcome to The Crisis of a Criticizer!

    Today, my n*ggas, we gon’ talk about something we all see and hear on the radio from time to time!

    We all here the “Best Rappers” on the radio.

    By “Best” I mean worst! They always rap on the radio like everything is good, but they know that they have issues and try to get rid of it!

    Take Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and hell, even Jay-Z with his drug dealer lipped lookin’ a**!

    They rap and rhyme, but when alone, they all just feel on their selves and kiss all over their body to pleasure themselves!

    They jerk, twerk, get naked, lick, and sh*t on themselves in the mirror!

    Next thing they know, one of their associates comes in to check on them. They go from their race, mostl…

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