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    Vilano Kurahane

    May 13, 2017 by Ravonies

    Name: Vilano Kurahane

    Title: Queen of Dukleund

    Vilano the Spear wielder
    Vilano the Songstress
    Vilano the Sage.

    Theme Song(s): World and Love by Origa

    Age: 390

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Wood Elf

    She has light to mid brown skin, a curvy body, and long ears, with long platinum blond hair.  She usually wears a white robe with with a fancy dress under it, armor, or a dress of some kind, she is fond of thigh high stockings, and looking fancy, she is also often seen with a spear and shield or just a spear.

    Spear and Shield, the shield can be used as a sled of sorts.
    A staff with a spear pommel and a Scythe blade type sword, used to make said staff into a Scythe.  Can also be …

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    Nizu Siku Shinjuku

    May 12, 2017 by Ravonies
    • All credit for artwork goes to respective owners, Thank you.

    Name: Nizu Siku Shinjuku
    Age: 21
    Gen: Female
    Race: Neko/Metahuman

    Occupation: Being Kimiko's Sister

    Talents : She is naturally cute and adorable, with enhanced hearing and senses
    - Deep Down... A Monster:  If all the cuteness in the world and in her self can't beat someone, she can always turn into a hell beast that inverts cuteness to pure killing intent, and killing instinct.
    Abilities: Fighting with her claws and marshal arts, Cute Based abilities... including the ability to be too cute to harm... perspective. 
    - Killing Instinct: User possesses a deadly power that enables them to be the "ultimate killing machine". They have instincts to kill by any means and the most effective ways poss…

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    Klaun Van'klice

    May 12, 2017 by Ravonies
    • All Credit to artwork goes to respective owners... Thank you.

    Name : Klaun Van'klice (Keli Van'Klice)

    Alter Ego : The Miraculous Rip Van Twinkle

    Age : 29

    Gen : Male (Actually Female) 

    Race : Human/Mutant/Psychic

    Occupation : Works for Shinjuku Corp.

    Talents : Psychic, Good Looks, Messing with people. 

    Abilities : Enhanced Endurance and HealingHe is highly durable.  Durable enough to be thrown through buildings and shit, and can recover quickly too. Not supernaturally quick but fast enough. He was a member of the KGB, at one time.

    Super Power:

    Psychic: He is Psychic, he can read your mind, he can read your past, and will possibly claim to know the future, he doesn't, but he can do quite a bit with his powers, including throw things, cause elemental ef…

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    Kimiko Shinjuku

    May 12, 2017 by Ravonies
    • All credit for artwork to respective owners... Thank you...*

    Name : Kimiko Shinjuku

    Alter Ego : Phay Laday

    Age : 29

    Gen : Female

    Race : Human/Super

    Occupation : CEO of Shinjuku Corp.

    Talents :

    Treasure Sense, AKA Worth/Value/Rarity Detection:

    Allows her to detect the value, worth, and rarity of something, as well as appraise it, she is naturally talented at this, with intuition, on the subject.  This allows her to find tresures and wealth the world over easily. Simular to Golden Rule but without luck being involved, she just gets a hunch. This Sense is keen enough to detect small particals of valuable substances... like if someone has a filling or if she were to pan for gold, if she has even a small speck of gold dust in her pan.

    Abilities : Accounting…

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