Hoi everyone! So, i am kinda new on this wiki and i just wanna make this post in the hopes that i can get some interesting answer... I always wondered what could be the most powerful and absolute combination of Powers, then i tried to figure it by myself but i failed... So can someone here help me with that? To make things a bit easier (I hope) i made a extremely basic list of what each power could be:

1- Creation/Destruction/Manipulation/Authority/Control- Something like an Omnipotence, which allow the user to create, destroy, control, manipulate and do anything that he want with anything that exist and even that doesn't exist!

2- Presence- The name already explain, like Omnipresence but on a whole other level!

3- Knowledge- The same thing but now talking about Knowledge, something even bigger than Omniscience!

4- Existence- Something far beyond any concept, the Literally Absolute Existence! (Non Existent physiology counts too!)

5- Immunity/Limitless/Freedom- Something that make the user immune to EVERYTHING! No mattering the complexity, authority, law, concept, dimensionality, origin, power or anything used against him!

6- Arsenal- I am not sure if something like that exist... But a power that allow the user to have literally any power no mattering the power, complexity, dimensionality, magnitude, law, concept, accessibility, owner, scale, danger or anything!

I think that is enough, a combination of 5 Supreme Powers to make the most powerful being in all Verses! (I am not sure if that Blog will be accepted, but i wanted to ask it! An btw, sorry for my bad english, i am still learning! ;-;)

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