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    Blue or Yellow Lightning?

    October 25, 2017 by RnR

    My fellow wikians, I have a question for you: which color of lighting do you think is better, blue or yellow?

    I’m asking because I plan for a character in my story to have Fire-Lighting Manipulation, and I wanna get some opinions on which color lightning goes best with orange fire.

    I’m interested in your responses.

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  • RnR

    Character Sheet 3: A.U.T.O.

    September 20, 2016 by RnR

    A.U.T.O. (Adaptoid Unit built for Tactical Offense)

    Basic Info
    Alias(es) The Fighting Machine
    Alignment Chaotic Neutral
    Machine Type Combat Adaptoid
    Gender None (Though it possesses a clam male voice)
    Date of Creation Unknown
    Abilities and Powers

    Immense Strength

    Immense Speed

    Immense Durability

    Immense Endurance

    Elemental Resistance

    Flowmotion Combat


    Energy Manipulation

    Weapon Fabriation

    Dimensional Travel

    Personal Data
    Birthplace Unknown laboratory
    Affiliation(s) Itself

    Unknown Creator

    Occupation(s) Dimensional Traveler


    Base of Operations Wherever it goes across space and time

    I just wanna thank Imouto-tan for giving me the know-how about this fancy infobox. I took me while to figure out how it works, but I think I got the basics down.

    The artwork of the …

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  • RnR

    The Infoboxes

    August 16, 2016 by RnR

    Okay. Am I the only who is having a bit of difficulty with the infoboxes. Whenever I try to resize a pic or change the background colors of one of my pages, I can't.

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  • RnR

    Character Sheet 2: Okota

    January 31, 2015 by RnR

    Bored again so...why not?

    Name: Okota

    Age: 15

    Aliases: The Dark Fog, The Dark Mage, The Dark Hand

    BirthdayAugust 3 , 39XX

    Hobbies: Poetry, stealing rare treasure

    Occupation: Theif, criminal

    Motto: "What doesn't kill you gives you a chance to strike back!"

    Quotes: "Don't bore me!"

    "How drool..."

    "Let's put your skills to the test!"

    Likes: Finding rare items.

    Dislikes: Being underestimated. 

    Alinghtment: Lawful Neutral

    Species: Homo Magi


    For as long he can remember, Okota has been a thief. He did whatever it took to survive in the harsh word; he lied, he cheated, he stole, and he assualted whoever and whatever was neccessary. Eventually he became good at and made it into quite a hobby. At the age of thirteen, his skills were taken notice by a group o…

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  • RnR

    Character Sheet 1: Augus

    January 4, 2015 by RnR

    Welp...since everyone else is doing it...MIGHT AS WELL THROW MY HAT IN THE RING TOO!

    It may not be as good as the others, but here goes.

    Name: Augus Caliburn

    Age: 16

    Aliases: Augus of The Flame, The Red Mage,The Red Hand.

    BirthdayDecember 14, 40XX

    Hobbies: Traveling, hunting, rock collecting,

    Occupation: Traveling knight

    Motto: "Don't hesitate! Take life in your hands!" 

    Quotes: "You'll soon be seein' red."

    "Feel the burn!"

    "I told you. I'm not the one!"

    Likes: Sharpening his sword. old music,climbing

    Dislikes: Robbers, treachery,selfishness,being mocked/laughed at.

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Species:Homo Magi


    Born and raised in the kingdom of Cast Over, Augus Caliburn grew up in a world where magic is present in every corner. At the age of 8, it was d…

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