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Carmen Diaz

Miss Celeste


Superhuman (Mutate Hyperhuman)


Lawful Good




24 years old

Birth Day

February 7th

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color

Dark Brown




65 kg

Personal Data
Birth Place

Valencia, Valencian Community, Spain


World Security League (WSL)



WSL's Second-in-Command



Base of Operation

World Security Headquarters, Vienna, Austria

Power Level


Carmen Diaz, aka Miss Celeste, is a superheroine, being the spanish member of the World Security League.


Carmen is an adult woman of defined and musculous appearance, having dark brown hair, white skin and brown eyes.

Her superhero outfit consists of a red suit with yellow fire symbols and lines, and also, the suit has yellow parts that simulates boots and gloves.


Nothing much is known about Carmen's personality, but she already demonstrated great determination and also great leadership. She is always focused in her job and always want to give her best, even if she seems arrogant and boring sometimes.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Physiology: Carmen was injected with a Super-Serum, giving her superhuman physical abilities, the power of flight and the capability of control energy at will.
    • Superhuman Strength: Absorbing and being enhanced by cosmic energies, she becomes extremely stronger, being able to defeat countless beings, including other heroes, villains, etc. She is, without a doubt, one of the strongest heroes in the world.
    • Superhuman Speed: Flying, Carmen is able to reach speeds close to that of light, being able to take a spin on the planet in 2 seconds. And, she can control her speed, being as fast as anyone, or as equal or slow. She generally flies at Mach 350 speed or less, but can reach many times faster than light.
      • Superhuman Reflexes: Carmen can react and dodge objects that travel at high speed, she is able to dodge beams of energy, bullet shots, etc.
    • Superhuman Durability: Carmen's skin, muscle and bone density has increased exponentially due to her superhuman physiology. As such, she has resistance to blunt trauma, falls from high altitudes, shots of diversified energy, large explosions, attacks by enemies, etc.
    • Superhuman Agility: She has more agility, dexterity, balance and body coordination than a normal human being. She is able to react to enemy punches and overcome them with ease.
    • Superhuman Regeneration: Despite her vast durability, it is still capable of injuring her, but this is compensated by her great regenerative capacity, which can heal wounds very quickly and potentially even regenerate lost limbs.
    • Self-Sustenance: Carmen's physical needs are greatly reduced. These needs include air/breathing, sleep/rest, food, drink, body evacuations, shelter from environmental effects and its lack (heat/cold, dryness/humidity), etc. She is also able to remain immobile without the normal effects this would have. She can also stay in the space without worries.
    • Longevity: Due to her cosmic empowerment, her aging process has been greatly reduced, possibly even stopped altogether.
    • Flight: Carmen can fly, glide and float in the air and in the vacuum of space without outside help. She can fly at incredible speed, allowing her to fly into the atmosphere and even outer space and land safely on the planet's surface with ease. She can also maneuver with great precision in any direction, as well as float in one place.
    • Energy Manipulation: Carmen is able to create, shape and manipulate any energy of the electromagnetic spectrum, and can use them to obtain a variety of effects, such as projecting beams, increasing physical attributes, absorbing, etc.
      • Exothermic Manipulation: She can accumulate energy in her hands to burn, melt or pass through solid metals, such as steel doors, ceilings or walls.
      • Self-Power Augmentation: She can empower her existing abilities to higher levels, in some cases, she can even increase her power to the highest possible level.
      • Energy Absorption: Carmen can absorb energy, while removing it from the source, for her body and uses it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by improving herself, gaining the drained energy, using as a source of energy, etc., either temporarily or permanently. Various applications include channeling the absorbed energy into strength, durability, regeneration or simply releasing energy from your body.
      • Energy Attacks: Carmen can release/use energy for attacks of various forms and/or intensities, whether projected, used as part of melee attacks, etc., from huge rays of pure energy that can knock down or even obliterate dozens of targets, or slightly singe them.
        • Energy Vision: She can project beams of energy from her eyes, causing various effects. She can learn to manipulate the beams, manipulating their trajectories, pass objects and keep locked on targets, etc. These bursts are usually intense, beam-shaped.
        • Energy Blast: She can directly channel its energy into dense and powerful bursts of photons strong enough to spray concrete and metal or in lighter bursts that only send opponents flying through the air.
      • Energy Channeling: She can channel/harness energy and use it for a variety of purposes.
      • Energy Constructs: Carmen can transform energy into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructions and/or create structures/buildings of varying lengths. By mastering this ability, she will be able to use it for almost any situation, creating everything she needs.
      • Adaptive Energy: She can create and manipulate energy in such a way that they can change its frequency at will. She can scan energies consciously or subconsciously and use them to energize her powers.
      • Radiation Generation: Carmen has the ability to generate powerful blasts of radiation.


  • Although her physical condition can be augmented anytime, her energy powers not, so she needs to "rest" at least one time per month to "recharge" her abilities.
  • Magic can affect her, although it needs to be very powerful.


  • She is the second-in-command of the World Security League, so when Captain Molecular/Christopher Williams is not leading the team, she takes the role.