Name: Chimporimpola
Powers: Omnipotence
True Identity: Fusion between the Flying Spaghetti Monster and El Chapulin Colorado
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Description: He's like, 10000 times more omnipotent than everyone else and so he's better than all of your characters lol even Unilactus so basically hes googleplexian^10000 stronger than The One Above All and the character that DYBAD made


Hyperspace chamber-1-

He lives in the Hyperspace Temple doing nothing because he is omnipotent and don't really need to work since he can only make a ton of gold appear lol


He wishes to complete the building of the universe but he doesnt have much time. He sometimes creates less omnipotent beings than him like the Unilactus to create it for him but they usually make a shitty job so he just ctrl+Z them.

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