• Scorpio1999

    Name: Thera Moonbrooke     

    Age: 28 (appears 22 due to her agelessness)

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Affiliations: Orlando Moonbrooke (Father. bounty hunter and necromancer), Maybell Moonbrooke (Mother, deceased), Ailith (MFIDF Captain of the elite division, friend), Sashenka (Elite MFIDF, friend). Luise (Elite MFIDF, friend), Kaori (Elite MFIDF, friend), Dwayne Cradle (Notorious bounty hunter, Thera's murderer), Dmitri Cinder (Ex-boyfriend, Exiled Prince of the Oracle Region).

    Occupitation: Veteran, Thief, Hired Assassin, Vigilante.

    Gender: Female

    Marital Status: Single


    Preferences: Heterosexual

    Likes: Silence, intellect, intimidating the Fayden townspeople, communicating with the dead, hand seal magic (though she isn't highly skilled), litera‚Ķ

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