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    November 18, 2015 by Sega Fro

    The Power to Manipulate Religion. Variation of Belief Manipulation.

    • Religious Belief Manipulation

    The user has the power to manipulate, and maybe even generate religion ( If powerful enough ), the belief and the worship of God or Gods. User as well can also manipulate the concept, aspect, and manifest it.

    • Belief Inducement/Worship Inducement-Manipulate Religion to induce it upon others of what religion they believe in
    • Concept Manipulation-Of all Religions
    • Deification-By becoming or making something they Worship in the religion

    Divine Banishment-Of Gods according to the religion

    • Divine Force Manipulation/Demonic Force Manipulation-It depends on religion. For example: Satanism is a demonic religion, so therefore the user would have force over that.
    • L…

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    Piercing Charge!

    October 5, 2015 by Sega Fro

    Ability to Charge through anything and impale almost through anything. Combination of Impale and Charge!.

    • Charging Impalement

    User is able to charge in any direction and impale anything in the users way, weather it be with superhuman strength or speed, and cause a very decimating force. Such as a brick wall, or even more supernatural like a wall of reality or space.

    • Collision Inducement
    • Concussive Force
    • Critical Impact
    • Cutting
      • Razor Foot-User must Charge first
      • Razor Hand-User must Charge first
      • Razor Wind-User can be able to charge fast enough to create harmful wind
    • Defense Break
    • Enhanced Speed
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Enhanced Strike
    • Juggernaut Momentum

    • Atmospheric Pounding-Get through the atmospheric boundaries
    • Absolute Piercing
    • Bovine Physiology
    • Cervid Physiology …

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  • Sega Fro

    These are Just powers i thought of that can maybe be combined.

    • Card Manipulation and Reality Warping
    • Logic Manipulation and Cheating
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  • Sega Fro

    Currently In Progress

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  • Sega Fro

    Some Powers havent been thought of, then again some have. Fire Manipulation was thought of, Water Walking was thought of, and Weapon Proficiency was too.

    However, some developers haven't thought of these powers. Some maybe have but thought, "Nah, to stupid and might not make sense at all". These powers i'm talking about are fannon powers.

    YOU....have the ability to create your own fannon power HERE on this blog. Tell me what the power is ( Since I can control this blog ) and I will put all the info on this blog and give you credit.

    This technically makes you a developer of powers, your making your own Fannon power. Does not matter if it makes sense or not. So don't criticize about it making sense. I Thanks you for your time. And you may now b…

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