You already know the 3 x 3 alignment chart and the 5 x 5. But tell me......are you aware that there are other alignments that no one knows? Or maybe they do, but majority of them don't know.

There are more alignments in the world. These are some alignments:


These may not make sense

  • Asinine Evil- Dear people, this is not the alignment "Stupid Evil". It has some similarities, except that they could be smart. Asinine means "silly". Not stupid or dumb. Basically they are funny, silly, and somewhat fun.....but still a malevolent being.
  • Mental Malevolence- Evil in the mental status. However, this does not really mean that they are evil. There is a soul in them you know. But basically, the Mind is a wanton and maybe everything else is good about him. However, thoughts can go to the core of your body!
  • Spiritual Malevolence- Same as Mental Malevolence, just in the soul.
  • Asinine Neutral- See Asinine Evil, but basically in a Neutral way.
  • Mental Neutrality
  • Spiritual Neutrality
  • Elemental Alignments- This depends on the type of element or ability you have. You BECOME that element. For 2 examples:


    • You are Destructive, Spread swiftly, release all anger ( Or something similar ) and you can become the destruction of the day! Challenged with gracefulness though.


    • Graceful, you are. When water, you become what you dwell in. Like a cup. When water is in the cup, you take the form of the cup. When in a container, you take the form of a container.

Challenged with Destuction

See there? What alignment are you? Tell me in the comments below. No where else. And i thank you, for today's cloaked legends blog.

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