Cima da Conegliano, God the Father

Know The Almighty, but is there a greater THAN Almighty?

Tell us all...ever heard of the Alpha and Omega? Have you wondered if there is a being beyond the almighty? Have you even imagined the concept of a God? If yes to most or all, im basically saying.....Is there a God above God?

Just Think

Just think, God to some people can be the almighty, or the law, etc. Now think this, what do you believe God is?

The Climax

God is the almighty being, but can be something else to others.

So, say for example, the earths own God, is the law. It rules and speaks. People act like thats their God. You must go by it or go to Hell. AKA Jail, which is earths Hell to some people.

Then you have some Deities that certain people believe in. Greek deities. Zeus, Hera, Kronus, you name them. They might be fictional, but hey, people believe.

And those 2 examples speak, they say that "It depends what people believe in". Now ask again, Does God have a God?

If God Did

If the Almighty one did have a God, Questions come to mind.

  • "What would we call it"?
  • "How is it Mightier than the already existing Lord"?
  • "Did it create the God WE believe in"?
  • "Are the books like the Bible a lie"?

So, God is Omnipotence and beyond right? But what is the God Beyond God's power? Maybe Metapotence. See, it is unknown what the almighty ABOVE almighty can do. We don't know. So many questions come up. Or could it control Totality? But let me tell you, there is a chance that it has Omni-Creator.

But there are so many things to wonder about this being. Especially the question "What does it look like"? First of all, we dont even know what God looks like, so sort of irrelevant.


Could this Be "It"?

Now, Where does he live or stay? We dont know. None knows at all. Do you know? Say yes, i will question you alot.

Now this talk maybe over for now, but just think about it. This whole thing we just talked about. "Does God have a God"? Like and comment, and hope you enjoyed. Let me know of some important info that i may can add, and I thank you for your time.

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