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    The Dimensions

    February 20, 2016 by Slapson

    The Dimensions are a series of interconnecting zones that lead to different parts in the universe, and a result of the Shattering, a tear in the space-time continum that consequently warped the entirety of reality to an irreversable state. As a result, many species, those native to Earth and other planets, have died in the millions. Most of the dimensions created are abandoned, having little to no signs of life on them, and those that do have people living in them are extremely few in numbers. There is no hope left for these worlds.

    See Also: Crapsack World, or in this case Crapsack Universe.

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    William Darrell "Billy" Mays

    God, THE MAN WHO SPEAKS IN ALL CAPS, The reason we all called now, A god amongst pitchmen.

    Advertising and selling anything, everything, and nothing, knowing very well you will buy everything he sells until you're too poor to pay him. You will be warned of his prescence when you hear his booming voice and signature catchphrase. But it's too late , as he is Billy Mays, the god of pitchmen. And he's about to triple the offer, so I suggest you best get on the ball as soon as fucking possible. Legend has it his Oxi Clean deals can wipe away 99.9% of stains across entire multiverses, only for the cheap price of 19.95!  His Kaboom deals have been known to equal the power of sixteen big bangs, and he can amplify the po…

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    Character Sheet: Zacharie

    January 22, 2016 by Slapson

    "" - Zacharie, drunk.

    "My head hurts, my whole body is numb, and I spent the last hour or so holding my head above a toilet trying not to vomit. But yeah, I'm a-OK...I need to go lie down..." - Zacharie, sober.

    Name: Zacharie Borracho

    Gender: Male

    Aliases/Nickname(s): "Intoxication Personified", "Zack", "Zack Daniels"

    Species: Human

    Birthplace: Cherry Hill, New Jersey

    Allignment: Chaotic Neutral


    Out of Battle Theme

    In Battle Theme


    Zack's personality varies depending on whether he's sober or not.

    When he's completely sober, he's a humble, cynical person. He has a pessimistic outlook on life, and generally gives off a sense of negativity when he speaks. His depression drives him to drinking and becoming an alcoholic, and seeing h…

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    Character Sheet: Momoko

    January 15, 2016 by Slapson


    "You shall pay for your sins in blood, child! Hehehe!" - Momoko

    Name: Momoko

    Gender: Though technically genderless, was a doll designed after a female child.

    Aliases/Nickname(s): "Everything you've ever feared"

    Species: Doll Tsukumogami

    Country of Origin: Hakuba, Japan

    Allignment: Chaotic Evil


     Out of Battle Theme

    In Battle Theme


    Momoko appears as a short, Japanese doll/ninygo, (lit. "human shape") she wears a black, torn up kimono, has white "skin", and her left "eye" is missing from the socket. Bits and pieces of her body are ripped, and some have small spatters of blood on them.


    A vengeful, sadistic one, due to her nature as a mistreated tsukumogami. She brutally murders children she deems as bad and misbehaving…

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    Character Template Sheet

    January 13, 2016 by Slapson

    (insert quote here)








    Personality:  Primary Powers/Abilities: Appearance: Archtypes: Weaknesses:


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