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    Character Sheet: Melanie

    January 12, 2016 by Slapson

    Melanie Ètincelle

    Basic Info


    "The Thunderstorm"

    Alignment Neutral/Chaotic Good
    Race Human
    Gender Female
    Blood Type O-
    Main Ability(ies)

    Bio-Electricity Manipulation, Electricity Generation


    Calm Before the Storm... (Casual):

    Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars

    A Dark and Stormy Night... (Serious):

    Voile, the Magic Library

    Battle! Hoenn Gym

    Rival Battle

    Strength Level High
    Status Alive
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Marseille, France
    Birthday January 21st
    Age 18
    Nationality French



    Adam Ètincelle (Father, alive.)

    Diane Ètincelle (Mother, unknown condition, possibly alive.)

    Thomas Hausler (Friend, Alive)

    Orientation Heterosexual
    Other Information

    "Let's see how fast I can fry your brains out, shall we?"

    Melanie Ètincelle is one of the few re…

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