• Soniczero000

    New Powers

    February 9, 2013 by Soniczero000

    Hey i need some opinions on some powers that i was thinking of and wondering what you guys would think.

    • Power Commands: Users powers are controled by certain commands of users choosing.
    • Teleportation Beams: The ability to fire beams that can teleport people or objects.
    • Hypersonic Manipulation: The ability to control Hypersonic Sounds.
    • Power Effects: Users powers give off specials effects that can effect anything around, depending on what the users want.
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  • Soniczero000

    Seeing how i forgot about the blog things, im moving my previous post here.

    Hey everyone soniczero000 here with some new powers idea.

    1. Warp Field Manipulation/ Generating/ and/ or Projection
    2. VFX Manipulation
    3. Energy Bouncing
    4. Signal Sensing
    5. Signal Manipulation
    6. Energy Blood

    Signal Generating

    • Warp Field Manipulation: Create warp fields that alter what ever users desires. Even creates Portals and even allows Hyper Jumping or Warp Jumping. May contain Dimensional Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation. Time Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, and Energy Manipulation.
    • VFX Manipulation: Allows users to manipulate speacial effects around them. (I know this is short but im really that good in explaining everything.)
    • Energy Bouncing: Users are a of anyble to bounce …
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