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Sweet Poison Sweet Poison 19 August 2015

Seraphina Sweet


Fire Manipulation

Fire Immunity



Animal Morphing




Fighting Style

During daytime, Sera will use her Fire to fight, relying only on her dagger when she needs to, or is trying to be stealthy.

During nighttime, Sera will use her primal instinct of her tiger in battles.


Sera was adopted when she was a baby. Who her real parents were, she has no idea. From the age of 12, she stopped needing sleep. About a year later, she started transforming into a tiger every night. This freaked her adopted parents out, and it showed the way they began to treat her - with fear. Sera ran away before she was at the age of 14. She learned to defend herself, and hide the tiger from others. At age 16, she began to devel…

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Sweet Poison Sweet Poison 27 January 2015

First CS

Name: Susie Collins Powers: Invisibility, teleportation, immortality.

Personality: Shy, upbeat, happy, curious.

Talents: Lock picking, hiding in shadows, moving silently.

Backstory: When Susie was young, her immune system was attacked by a virus. This virus changed her eye colour from dark brown, to a deep purple. Later, when she was walking the streets of her hometown, she passed a mirror in a window and noticed she couldn't see herself. That fit fine with her, since she doesn't like attention anyway.

A few weeks later, the government caught on to her strange eyes, and that she could turn invisible. They began to hunt her. When they finally cornered her, she managed to teleport to some distance away, and legged it. That was when she ran away…

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