Giant groundhog with laser vision
Name: Ground Hogzilla

Powers: Giant Monster Physiology, Mutated Physiology, Laser Vision

Alignment: Himself

Occupation: Destoyer of worlds


One day in the nevadan desert at a nuclear testing site, a baby ground hog was being born, when "it" happened, a test nuke went off, destroying all of the test house, dummies, and vehicles, killing all in its wake, but this tiny infant ground hog managed to survive the destruction and mutate into a monster of immense power. The ground hog became a apex predator in its new environment, eating and killing anything, it soon began growing larger and larger, rumors soon began running around of a giant ground hog, soon men would try to look for this ground hog, giving it the name, Ground Hogzilla, some men found nothing, others never returned. 

The government soon started to acknowledge this monster, they also began hunting it and also covering its tracks. One day, the government found the Ground Hogzilla's lair and decided it he must be taken out, they began plotting and preparing for anything that could happen. the next day, they began their assault on the creature, they creature became furious and unleashed it wrath of fury and death.

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