"...And here I thought Leroy was the crazy one."
― Sylvis Shaw to Ella Mendez
Ella Mendez.jpg

Name: Ella Mendez 

Aliases: Number 4, The Sleeper, Little Miss Psycho 

Age: 21 

Species: Human

Alignment: Chaotic Evil 

Theme: Madame Macabre - Painted Smile

Powers: Killer Instinct, Enhanced Combat, Enhanced Speed, Sex Specialist, Weapon Proficiency, Magic Immunity (Via Shaw's Amulet) 

Motto: "Humanity is a bunch of crazies, cowards or corpses." 

Quotes: "God I love it when they run. Even more when they scream. When both happen, it's heaven." 

"Oh my... whatever will I do with you? Maybe I'll cut out your vocal cords, then slowly drag my blade all over you, until you bleed out... Or maybe I can chain you to the wall and throw darts at you until I pierce your heart. Or maybe I can just sodomize you with a white hot poker. What do you want to do?" 

"You want to analyze me? Fine. Fucking go through my thoughts, shrink! I think you'll find nothing wrong! All I do is rape, torture, murder, assault, rob and burn people who I come in contact with. Is that so wrong, doctor?" 

Origin: Ella grew up in a broken household in Grand Haven, with two abusive parents. This abuse eventually lead to most of her emotions being cut off from the world, and her growing quiet and distant. This, however, did not mean she was passive. She constantly planned the vicious murder of various people she knew, and when she was 13 she went through with the murder of her entire family. After this, she went on the run, going on a killing spree wherever she went, going by the name "The Sleeper". Eventually she became the 4th most wanted criminal in the US, and becoming one of the most infamous murderers and rapists in history. 

Currently: Ella was hired by Sylvis Shaw to break out Leroy Rooker and convince him to help Shaw in his plans. However, she decided it would be more fun to have Leroy join her on her murderous rampage, and they have been on the run ever since, becoming far deadlier together than they were seperately.

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