"There's no help for this poor bastard... Not anymore."
― Dane Tyler on Leroy Rooker
Leroy Rooker.jpg

Name: Leroy Rooker

Aliases: Lee (When Leroy), The Killer (When "Xavier"), The One Who Got Away, The Jefferson Killer

Age: 19

Species: Human

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Theme: Rob Zombie - Boogieman

Powers: The Blackram Curse, Blackrim Magic, Bloodlust, Killer Armory, Divided Mind, Enhanced Combat

Motto: "Everything dies. I merely help."

Quotes: "That fucking forest does shit to people... it-it- it made me a monster! Fuck Leroy, you want to talk to me... I'm the killer, fucking speak with me!"

"Bastards! The lot of them! They deserved the fucking knife! ...But they were just eating din- Shut it, Lee! They fucking deserved it and you know that, now keep quiet while I bust us out!"

"Well detective, I don't really know what to tell you. The... thing that made me do those things... it was not human. It turned me into this. I don't know how or why, but it can do that."

Origin: When Leroy "Lee" Rooker was sixteen, he went into the forest for a night out with five of his friends. However, they were targetted by the Olendath, and with his presence, they began losing their sanity. Lee was the first and worst to be affected, for an unknown reason Olendath was saving him for last. During his burst of insanity, Lee murdered and ate two of his friends, chasing the other two away. While it was chasing the other two, Olendath lost track of Lee, who wondered out of the woods, unknowingly escaping Olendath. With his new found madness, he viciously murdered a small family, the Jeffersons, in their home while they were eating dinner. He was taken into custody and pled guilty, proud of his actions. With further analysis, it seemed Lee developed a split personality, who was murderous and violent, named Xavier. 

Currently: Leroy was recently broken out ofthe Kellion Mental Ward for the Criminally Insane by Ella Mendez and has gone onto a killing spree with her.

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