Tokusatsu-32nd Century

aka N/A

  • I live in California
  • I was born on February 6
  • My occupation is N/A
  • I am Male
  • Tokusatsu-32nd Century

    "If there's anything that is highly suspicious and not 'normal' per say, please call this number here because I have a very particular set of skills to deal with these events." – Benjamin to anybody who are having a supernatural problem by giving them his business card.

    "Yeah, there are things out there in the world that you're better off not knowing..." - Benjamin's respond when someone asked him what's going on.

    "I don't enjoy killing, but when done righteously, it's just a chore, like any other." - Benjamin's response to anyone questioning on his morality.

    Benjamin Thomas Hawking

    Basic Info
    Epithet The Shrouded Stranger
    Aliase(s) Detective S
    Alignment Neutral Good
    Species Human (Homo Magi Superior)
    Laterality Right
    Gender Male
    Age 24
    Birthday March 17th

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