• Trey Davis

    Since in my blog people don’t want the Omnipotent Powers category to disappear, so then it needs to be changed. The solutions to the problems mentioned in my blogs (Also refer to this) are either simple delete the Omnipotent Powers category, Get rid of all the limitations of Omnipotent Abilities, or explain how even though Omnipotent Powers have limitations they’re still in the Omnipotent Powers category so change the definition of the Omnipotent Powers category. For example “A category dedicated to Omnipotence and all its versions and variations.

    N.B: Onl…

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  • Trey Davis

    I understand what your thinking “It makes sense. Your logic is b.s.”, however Omnipotent Powers are by definition nigh powers save for true omnipotence. The word “True Omnipotence” just proves my point, so simply what should happen is that the Omnipotent Powers category shoudn’t exist. Now this doesn’t mean that the powers in the category be deleted just all powers including True Omnipotent be removed from the category, and the category be deleted.

    My reasons for this is simple Omnipotent Powers have limits not that there specific fields are inherently limited, however in some cases that may be true; but if an Omnipotent Power is Omnipotent then other Omnipotent Powers including True Omnipotence in a paradox shouldn’t be able to stop it. I…

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  • Trey Davis

    Flaw Manipulation

    October 27, 2019 by Trey Davis

    The power to Manipulate Flaws and imperfections Variation and Techinique of Weakness Manipulation Not to be confused with Weakness Manipulation or Flaw Enhancement.

    • Flaw Control
    • Imperfection Manipulation

    Users are able to effect imperfections to induce weaknesses and limits. The user can remove amplify and create imperfections, as they remove their own limits. The user can also seal and absorb flaws in objects and matter.

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  • Trey Davis

    Variable Creation

    September 30, 2019 by Trey Davis

    The power to create any variable. Sub-power of Variable Manipulation

    • Variable Generation

    The user can create variables that can induce any effect, or create anything. The user can even put variables on objects and people.

    • Omnificence(Randomized.)
      • Meta Ability Creation(Randomized.)
    • Reality Randomization

    • Variable Manipulation

    • The user cannot manipulate variables only create them.
    • The user may be only able to create certain variables.
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  • Trey Davis

    Musical Creation

    September 25, 2019 by Trey Davis

    The power to create anything with music. Technique of Music Manipulation. Sub-power of Conceptual Music and Artistic Creation Not to be confused with Singing Creation.

    • Music Manifestation

    The user can create anything with any form of music. A song about a lover will manifest your dream girl, and a song about a war will manifest armies and so on. If you play the right tunes with this power you can create anything you can imagine without exception!

    • Singing Creation
    • Creation

    • Conceptual Music
      • Music Manipulation

    • May be limited on what you can create.
    • Emotion will effect how the song is played and the results of the song.
    • Weak to Muting.
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