The Power to swap anything and everything. Variation/Expression of Absolute Change.

Also Called

  • Omni-Swap/Switch
  • Absolute Swap/Switch
  • Meta Swap/Switch


The User can Swap or Switch Anything Including Powers, Concepts, positions, etc. Allowing for any and every kind of manipulation. For example the user could switch powers with someone no matter what those powers are even against Singularity and Immutability for they are useless against this power. The user can even partly swap giving a power while the other person doesn't lose a power and, going to a location while the object that needs to be switched stays etc. Via the partial swap the user can steal others bodies powers souls etc while keeping there own.



  • The user may not be able to reverse the swap.
  • Distance, Power, Range, Influence, etc. depend on the skill of the user and the power's natural limits.


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