I understand what your thinking “It makes sense. Your logic is b.s.”, however Omnipotent Powers are by definition nigh powers save for true omnipotence. The word “True Omnipotence” just proves my point, so simply what should happen is that the Omnipotent Powers category shoudn’t exist. Now this doesn’t mean that the powers in the category be deleted just all powers including True Omnipotent be removed from the category, and the category be deleted.

My reasons for this is simple Omnipotent Powers have limits not that there specific fields are inherently limited, however in some cases that may be true; but if an Omnipotent Power is Omnipotent then other Omnipotent Powers including True Omnipotence in a paradox shouldn’t be able to stop it. I mean why isn’t Boundary Manipulation able to effect True Omnipotence? If it’s it can’t then it’s not Omnpotent. I understand this wiki operates under logic so paradoxes must be dealt with, but because of the Omnipotent Powers category we have unnecessary debates over what’s Omnipotent and what’s not. The solution under the wiki’s rules is to get rid of the Category:Omnipotent Powers category all together

What do you think?

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