Hello to who ever is  reading this hi and thanks.  In the wiki and discord Omnipotence comes up a lot! I want to solve everything logically and truthfully. Reader you must first read this in order to understand my points I will be referring to this. Thanks Necrotifice for that amazing work above.

Let this begin the source of all Omnipotence Arguments inevitably come from the issues in the Omnipotence Paradox. The difference is instead of “ Can God make a rock he can't lift?”, it’s can a Metapotent or Logic/Boundary Manipulating Being can create a rock God cannot lift. Now in a world that doesn't allow for Omnipotence Paradoxes only have one God that's Omnipotent, and everyone else is Nigh-Omnipotent. There is no Ultipotent Being either. In this article these Paradoxes are allowed for the sake of the argument. Omnipotent Beings are boring in stories, because they're fueled on conflict. So a Omnipotent/Nigh-Omnipotent being can snap their fingers and the story ends.

The solution to all of these debates is this Omnipotence is beyond comprehension. For example a complete arsenal user wields impossible abilities and contradicting abilities. Also abilities that grant or are statuses and, vice versa with a power that grants all states of being. Here's a simple rule of thumb a ability is almighty if it can do anything the user can think of in some way. Or the limitations that stop this in any way even if it's just you can't create life or something. Can be easily bypassed and or destroyed with a thought, or simple easy action so that they weren't limitations at all. For example any post rule on the internet that's it it is that simple.

With this in mind any debate is ultimately pointless, for these powers are beyond logic. Now the user's imagination is a limit. If the user thinks of creating a new color, but can't comprehend a new color guess what they either can't do it. Or the user bypasses the limitation. Under these rules Creation, Artistic Creation, Imagination Manifestation, Meta Space-Time Manipulation, Physics Manipulation, Possibility Inducement/Manipulation, Path Maker, Virtually Conceptual Anything, Paradox Inducement, Cartoon Physics, Fantasy Element Manipulation, and Most Reality Manipulation Powers including Reality Rejection are Almighty. Reality Rejection can reject limitations and, Possibility Inducement can make anything possible. Possibility Manipulation takes that one step further. Paradox Inducement allows you to literally defy logic and,manipulate fantasy elements. Or just Fantasy things in general Cartoon Physics does the exact same thing.

tl;dr The Power of Almighty Powers is literally anything without any exception. If this is not true and, the limitations cannot be negated. Then the power was never Almighty in the first place.

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