Akashic✰Record is the Akashic Record of legend. She writes under the pseudonym Metis.



Akashic✰Record's true form is a small red leather ornate book bounded by thin chains that allows her to hang from her master's wrist. Futhermore, she also possesses the ability to change her appearance, assuming various human forms,most notably of her previous master Uriel.

Human Form: Akashic✰Record assume the form of a young woman with curvaceous proportions and long light blue hair held back by a dark clothlike hairband. Her wear mainly includes a dark long sleeved mini dress with a cape collor that has silver hems and tied together with a red ribbon. Additonally, she also wears black thigh socks and a pair of brown loafers.

Furthermore, Akashic✰Record is often seen with a black tablet that contains her research and that of those that she has stolen magic from, it is probably her grimoire.


A girl with a selfish and calculating streak, she often speaks to others in a condescending manner, riling them up. Whether it’s through her fluent use of Internet slang or clever use of baby talk, her mockery knows no bound. In one event in Sunset Beach event, Akashic✰Record teased Brina Martinez, claimed she was taller than Brina, talking about her small chest, and saying “That must frustrating. How Frustrating for you.”

That being said, she knows better than to try and adopt those same manners with her sisters, though she is known to tease Rosetta from time to time. She has a chest that’s neither big nor particularly small.


Grimoire Physiology-

Information Combat-

Concept-Dependent Immortality- As long as there is knowledge to be obtained, she will exist.

Mystic Blast-


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