"I'm in high school! I have a Deadline Summoning app! How dare they call me a junior high kid...!?"
― Brina Martinez, to Sarasvati and Akashic✰Record when she first joins the guild
Brina Martinez is a member of the Fairy Blue guild and a student at Osaka High School.



Brina is a cold character, often frank and unreserved about giving her opinions on matters or the people at hand. This is especially emphasized when she lashes out at Michael or Sarasvati, the former for his "idiocy" and the latter as a part of her rivalry(and large breasts). She mostly acts without thinking ahead, and when her emotions get the better of her, she refuses to listen to anyone unless they are hard on her.

Throughout the arc, she is shown to be deeply self-conscious to the point of jealousy (especially about Sarasvati's "talents" and Kagura's feminine charms). This is expressed clearly during one of her later Fate events where she berates each female for their favorable traits such as Otome for being "too nice" or Karma for being "perfect". Over time, she starts to warm up to the guild as a whole.

For unknown reasons, Brina is romantically interested in Kagura. Her devotion towards him causes her to develop stalking habits such as sniffing his gym clothes.


Brina is a young Monegasque high school girl with


Monegasque Street Fighting-

Summoning Mimicry-


  • Due to her stalking habits, Brina has detailed information about her guild mates from their ID data to their health check-up reports.
  • Brina is considered a genius in many fields including academics, sports, and cooking.
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