Emilia Laurie is




Measurements: 87-53-79cm (34-21-31in.) Height: 152cm (5' 1.5") Weight: 52 kg


Status Lock-

Peak Human Condition-

[[|]]- M79


Performance Art Intuition-

Enhanced Surveillance-

The Grenadier-

Disguise Mastery-

Calmness Empowerment-


Emilia is a human girl with no otherworldly or supernatural power. She has never displayed any real fighting ability and works more often as support and recon.


Emilia is a certified genius that graduated from Virginia Tech when she was eleven years old. She has a unique understanding of chemicals, explosives and surveillance.

Weapons & Equipment

As an explosives and surveillance expert of Blood Sin, Emilia uses various forms of explosives. This ranges from grenades, gun powered, and plastic explosives. One of her more frequent types is call an en bloc to destroy entire buildings. This helps Black Label in destroying evidence of their actions from the police.

Her most frequently used weapon is a grenade launcher named Vera. This can be used with a variety of different shells.

She does have a hidden knife under her skirt


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