Emilia Laurie is a Heromania player and the deutarogonist of the Brightest Day Arc. She is the third member of Michael's group and also serves as his love interest in the story arc. Her code name is Urarara.



When Emilia was in high school, she was befriended with Kyo and his band, which was well known and popular among the high school girls. One day, she invited her friends Megumi, Airi and Yuuki to meet them in their apartment after school to which they accepted. Emilia then left to go her apartment that was located in the same building to grab some last minute snacks. When she came back, she came across the remnants of a party with traces of alcohol and drugs on the table. When passing by the bedroom, she saw two members of Kyo's band raping Airi and Yuuki while Kyo filmed them. Kyo turned to Emilia and tried to drug her as well by kissing her with the drug in tongue, but Emilia punched him in the face and ran away. As she ran, she saw Megumi getting raped. Megumi shouted for Emilia to save her, but Emilia ran out of the apartment where she quickly called the police.

When the incident became public and the band was arrested, Emilia's friends moved away. Emilia later saw Megumi on the street, who blamed her for what happened to her before showing the paper with her name on it. She told her how everyone agreed to put her name on the list of people who need to vanish before declaring that none of them wanted to see her again.

Emilia became unable to face negative public opinions and her classmates's bullying and closed herself almost everyday inside her room and playing the Btooom! net game as her escape from reality. Inside the game, she used Urarara as her player name. Urarara met with player Michael who is the top ranking player in the country and joined him as a team member. Both of them became close while gaming together and married without knowing each other's real identity.

Later on, Emilia was sent to a deserted island as a player of dangerous survival game of Heromania! along with Michael and the others.


Emilia always carries a stun gun whenever she goes because she is afraid of being touched by men. Her fear of men stems her past experiences with Musashi and Kyo Adachi who attempted to rape her. Her trauma is so severe that she announces to Michael that every man on the "island" is her enemy. On two separate occasions when she is about to lose to a man, who is usually attempting to sexually assault her, she was willing to kill herself along with the enemy using a Timer DMG. However, she slightly changes her opinion when she realizes that Michael is the only person, a man, on the "island" whom she can trust.


Emilia is a normal young high school aged girl. She has bright, icy blue eyes and long, blonde hair which causes her to be mistaken for a foreigner. Her hair is wavy and her bangs are parted to the right, exposing a part of her forehead. She has small diamond earrings and cyan colored fingernails. She is noticeably well endowed and is usually the butt of many breasts related jokes. Due to the events she experienced on the “island” when she training to be a Blood SIN member, she is covered with small bruises and cuts, but has a noticeable scar across her back.

Emilia can be seen usually wearing her old middle school uniform. Her uniform consists of a white-buttoned shirt with many small pins on her shirt. She also wears a blue camouflage-colored skirt that reaches halfway down her thighs. Underneath, she wears bright mint green bra and panties. She also wears black, long socks and regular black school shoes.

After defeating Musashi with the help of Michael, she began wearing a white shirt she found in the briefcase. The shirt has a print of a bat on it, and the shirt covers a bit of her skirt.

Emilia has a combat knife strapped to her thigh under her skirt.


Death Whisper-

Enhanced Pain Threshold-

Peak Human Condition-

Queen of Roses II- Is a customized M79


Performance Art Intuition-

Enhanced Surveillance-

The Grenadier-

Disguise Mastery-

Calmness Empowerment-


Emilia has the average strength of a normal teenage girl. Emilia is a human girl with no otherworldly or supernatural power. She has never displayed any real fighting ability and works more often as support and recon. However, she is able to punch and kick with enough strength to throw back most people, indicating some knowledge in fighting unarmed. However, she relies on her bombs and taser most of the time against people physically stronger than her.

When push comes to shove she can use her family's secret fighting style which makes use of a Western-style umbrella outfitted with a machine gun and and grenade launcher from her Shinjitsu Ryū style. In close quarters combat, Emilia, is unamused by the attempts of her opponents, no matter how hard they fight.


Emilia is a certified genius that graduated from Virginia Tech when she was eleven years old. She has a unique understanding of chemicals, explosives and surveillance.

Emilia is believed to be capable of seeing and communicating with the spirits of dead people, but it seems to take a toll of her. She has claimed to dislike seeing murdered people, implying that she has some choice on whether she does or not.👻

Weapons & Equipment

As an explosives and surveillance expert of Blood Sin, Emilia uses various forms of explosives. This ranges from grenades, gun powered, and plastic explosives. One of her more frequent types is call an en bloc to destroy entire buildings. This helps Blood Sin in destroying evidence of their actions from the police and other investigators.

Queen of Roses II

Her most frequently used weapon is a grenade launcher/parasol named Queen of Roses II. This can be used with a variety of different shells. Each grenade round: Gray, Yellow, Red, Green, and Blue (Explosive, Acid, Flame, Anti-S.I.N. Gas, and Nitrogen). 

Mr. Buzz-Buzz 1738

Once activated, the Mr. Buzz-Buzz 1738 is capable of temporarily paralyzing the average person for a fair amount of time; however, it has been shown that, through repeated usage in a few days worth of time, the device will significantly deplete in power, resulting in a weaker voltage being used. Unless the power is somehow replenished, the Mr. Buzz-Buzz 1738 will be rendered useless if it ever runs out.

Dark Matter Grenades

The DMGs are usually made from dark matter, specialized variant of dark matter, with a futuristic design; of course, each DMG type has its own unique design. The DMG can only be activated by the original Emilia. How she is "modified" for the bombs is unknown, but the bombs do only need a fingerprint of her's. This means that other people can use these DMG as well, so long as they are activated by the Emilia's fingerprint and are then deactivated by that other person. She keeps her DMGs in a specially designed bandolier, accomodating the shapes of each DMG type they come with for storing and accessing with ease.

Types of DMGs

Turtle DMG, the most common BIM. A simple bomb that explodes on impact.

Timer DMG, a DMG that counts down from 10 seconds (with a max of 13 seconds) until it detonates. One can also adjust the DMG's timer to any second upon deactivation. With this DMG, timing is important in tactical usage.

Implosion DMG, a spectacular DMG that sucks in its surroundings and then implodes. It is mostly used for destroying large, thick objects.

Blazing gas DMG, a DMG that spouts blazing gas when exploding. It is useful for exposing enemies in deep forest. The wind affects the distribution of gas.

Homing DMG, a DMG that can lock-on and follow its target via a small propeller until coming into range and exploding. However, this DMG does not have a very high explosive capacity.

Remote Control DMG, a DMG that can be detonated from a distance at a push of a button. It can be used as booby traps.

1300°C Flammable Oil Splashing Flame DMG, a DMG that splits fire into four directions to corner an opponent.

Barrier DMG, a DMG that protects the user with a barrier.


Urara (麗) means "glorious" or "lovely". Kawashima (川島), composed of the kanji for "river" (川 Kawa) and "island" (島 Shima), can be translated as "island river".

  • Urara may also be a pun on the phrase "Ooh la la".

Her theme: No pain, No game by Nano

Her Phone's ringtone: Next To You


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