Heromanai is an online game that was made into reality by  Nitro + Boobs

Online game

Basic information

Developer: Nitro + Boobs

Publisher: 8 = Dionysius

Genre: MMOVRRPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Virtual Reality Role Playing Game)

Price: 7800 yen (~$65 USD)

Age restriction: 18+ (Note: Even though the restriction is 18, Emilia and Kagura Ikki played it as well)

Online play: 1 person, but multiple profiles can be made

System link: 2-32 persons

Other: LIVE Vision Support


Heromania was originally an American MMORPG created by Nitro + Boobs. Over time, as Heromania's popularity grew, the number of servers expanded up to 13, when Heromania became a fully-global MMORPG with a server on every continent. Each server has its own company running the game, coming up with their own special events, classes, and subclasses. However, transferring to another server is as simple as taking a Fairy Gate to another server, having no restrictions. Furthermore, to allow better communication between players, there is a highly-accurate automatic translator that works even for voice chat.

The Japanese version of Heromania costs 7800 yen (~$65 USD) for the all-in-one pack, which includes the basic pack plus all the expansions. Each expansion costs anywhere from 5400 to 6200 yen (~$45-52), and the monthly fee is 1600 yen (~$13).

In System Link, up to 8 teams can fight at the same time. The players must use their radars to detect and foil the opponents. The most common game in Btooom! is Battle Royale.

The game has multiple maps, such as a construction site, city ruins and a still populated city. Smart players use their surroundings and in-game skills to defeat their enemies.

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