Heromania is an online game that was made into reality by Nitro + Boobs

Online game

Basic information

Developer: Nitro + Boobs

Publisher: 8 = Dionysius

Genre: MMOVRRPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Virtual Reality Role Playing Game), but has worlds with various genres in mind

Price: 7800 yen (~$65 USD)

Age restriction: 18+ (Note: Even though the restriction is 18, Emilia and Kagura Ikki played it as well)

Online play: 1 person, but multiple profiles can be made

System link: 2-32 persons

Other: LIVE Vision Support


Heromania was originally an American MMORPG created by Nitro + Boobs. Over time, as Heromania's popularity grew, the number of servers expanded up to 13, when Heromania became a fully-global MMORPG with a server on every continent. Each server has its own company running the game, coming up with their own special events, classes, and subclasses. However, transferring to another server is as simple as taking a Fairy Gate to another server, having no restrictions. Furthermore, to allow better communication between players, there is a highly-accurate automatic translator that works even for voice chat.

The Japanese version of Heromania costs 7800 yen (~$65 USD) for the all-in-one pack, which includes the basic pack plus all the expansions. Each expansion costs anywhere from 5400 to 6200 yen (~$45-52), and the monthly fee is 1600 yen (~$13).

In System Link, up to 8 teams can fight at the same time. The players must use their radars to detect and foil the opponents. The most common game in Heromania is Battle Royale.

The game has multiple maps, such as a construction site, city ruins and a still populated city. Smart players use their surroundings and in-game skills to defeat their enemies.

Homesteading the Noosphere

Since its original release, Heromania received numerous updates that vastly improved the game's content and graphic engine, but during the release of its twelfth expansion pack, Homesteading the Noosphere, 700,000 Japanese players and several hundred thousand players worldwide who were logged-on at the time of the update became trapped in the game. Players call this event the Catastrophe. It is currently unknown whether the people from the real world knew about it or not.


The game operates like most MMORPGs with a level system and eventual skill mastery of character classes and subclasses.

Alternate World

Prior to the Catastrophe, players logged onto Heromania and played online via PC or Smartphone. However, after the players became trapped inside of the game, they experienced the world literally and interact with their surroundings as though they are physically there.

One of the main difficulties that players encountered was the use of in-game menus during combat -- specifically that accessing these menus is impractical while in the heat of battle. Instead of using the menus, Michael realized that he could create voice shortcuts for all of his spells.

In addition, Emilia quickly realized that fighting in-person would be quite different from combat as viewed from behind the computer monitor. While it was easy to rotate the camera on the computer screen to quickly scan the entire battlefield, vision during real on-the-ground combat has physical limitations and blind spots, especially when fighting large enemies would be significant. Furthermore, they no longer had access to mini-maps and thus had to use hand-drawn maps if they wanted to navigate through a dungeon.

In the game, when the players' avatars receive damage, they feel pain.


The world of Heromania is based on Japan's Mini GAEA Project, a half-scale model of planet Earth. The differences between the GAEA Project and the world of Heromania is the post-apocalyptic setting.

Global Setting

Heromania is set in a world similar to Earth with different names for the five major continents. Thanks to the Half GAEA Project, the long distance between locations have been reduced by half. In Heromania, the world has been set in a post-apocalyptic setting, but there are 13 deferent world without including expansion packs.

Physical Surroundings

In Heromania, the physical surroundings are the ruins of the modern world in the post-apocalyptic event, all buildings, roads, and monuments, etc. covered with overgrown forests that grew around it.


Initiation and Character Creation

Logging into Heromania is similar to all MMORPGS by registering one's profile and email adress. Then after registering, the gamer begins to create their character. They can adjust their characters' appearance of their own choosing if they want to be of an opposite gender, a character similar to their real life bodies or an entirely different one.

The gamer can choose any of the Races in Heromania, each with their special attributes and skills.


Apotheosis (Only admins and special contest winners have this race)

Human: Similar to humans in the real world, humans in the game can have a wide range of skin, hair, and eye colors as well as body size and builds. Their ability stats are well balanced, making them the most commonly chosen race.



Catgirl SImilar to Werecats but have tail and cat-like ears only and are only female

Android (Now is strictly NPC only)


God Eater (Female Only race)

Goddess (Female Only race, must receive race as a gift via pre-order to obtain)

Half-Elf: Similar to Elves, but female only and very, very busty and beautiful...they are also usually a meganekko for good measure (Female Only race, unless you use a gender reassignment potion)

Elf: Elves are often found in forests or ancient ruins and are known for their longevity. They freely mix with humans and have been allies of the humans and dwarves in the past. They are usually tall, fair skinned, with long hair, and angular faces.

Half-Exceed: Although the Exceed race is extinct due to the war, they historically intermarried with humans because the last remaining Exceeds were kept as slaves, and a Half-Exceed child is sometimes born into a human family due to the emergence of recessive genes. Physically, they are almost identical to humans, with the exception of a tattoo-like mark on their left breast in the form of the emblem.

  • Half-Exceed have a high affinity for ancient magical ruins. When Heromania was a game, a player with this race could occasionally have storyline bonuses.

Werecat: They are humanoid with feline characteristics such as fur and cat-like facial features. Werecats are nimble and have keen senses. Notably, Werecats do not have tails like real-world cats do.

Wulf Fang (Special Pre-order race)

Fox Tail (Kitsune): They are humanoid with fox ears and phantom tails (the number of tails is dependent on the character's level). Unlike the other man-beast races, Wulf Fang and Werecat, the Fox Tail race receives a boost in magical, not physical abilities.

  • In lore, Fox Tails have the ability to hide their ears and tails, making themselves look like ordinary Humans, and is presumably an ability of all Fox Tails in the game. Korra uses this to her advantage in her Overskill, Overlay, which combines this piece of lore with her subclass, Courtesan, to create a "perfect disguise." One of Mami's assassins uses this ability to disguise himself as a noblewoman during Erza's birthday celebration.

Ghost or Phantasm (Race reclass choice only)

Exceed- The Exceed is a race with high intelligence and magical talents. They were well-known as an inventor of magic. Nonetheless, their birth rate was very low, resulting in having a small number of population which invited other races to destroy them. (extinct, can't be chosen)

After selecting a race, the player can choose a class of his/her choosing. Once a class is being selected, it is permanent. Each class has unique strengths and weakness.



Amazon (Female class only, gender reassignment potion doesn't affect them)


Drunken Fist

Monster Hunter

Devices (Equipable Allies)


Boobs of Steel (Female Only class, unless you use a gender reassignment potion)


Dark Knight (Female Only)

Paladin (Male Only)

Chaotic Knight

Devout Tyrant's Partizan: warriors that use pole weapons (like drill spears), high ATK and DEF but low magic ability.


Cowboy (Male Only)

Monk (Male Only)

Valkyrie (Female Only class, unless you use a gender reassignment potion)

Samurai (Male Only, but gender reassignment potion can affect the user)



Queen/King of the Pirates

Bard (Male Only)

Magical Idol

Intersteller Idol


Chick Reapers: warriors that use axes and scythes with a 360° range of attack.

Edge Master: warriors that use big swords (from big like them to more big) to cut apart enemies.

Mystic Dancer: mage specialized in status alteration magic that use fans with blade extensions as weapons.

Maid or Butler (Maid are usually very clumsy with their skills, but have way better stats all round compared to any other class)

Mangaka (or Cartoonist)


Assassin or Hitman (Male Only)

Ninja or Kunoichi

Twin Blade: warrior that use pairs of blades, don't excel in terms of power but their attacks are quick and easy to combo.

Steam Gunner: ranged class that use guns and sniper rifles. (Male Only)

Adept Rogue: special warrior that can learn 2 or 3 classes; they can learn more than one class skill/ability but mastering an avatar of this class is difficult and require more time than other classes.



Cleric (Male Only)

Dryad (Female Only class, unless you use a gender reassignment potion)

Naughty Priestess (Female Only class, unless you use a gender reassignment potion)

White Magician

Peacemaker (Male Only)



Alchemist (Male Only, unless you have the Hyper, Oppai or Lolita Alchemist DLC) Enchanter

Seductive Spy (Female Only class, unless you use a gender reassignment potion)

Black Magician

Cultist: specialized attack mage that use grimoires (magic books) as a weapon.

Magic Knight

Kung-Fu Wizard

Mystical Waif

Sorcerer (Male Only)

Summoner (Male Only)

The Apprentice- mage specialized into healing magic with a small list of offensive magic.


Werewolf (Female ONly)

Gorgon (Female Only)

Undine (Female Only)

Jorōgumo (Female Only)

Succubi (Female only, but players can change their gender via a specific spell they learn)


Vaewolf (NPC race only)




Yukionna (Female Only)

Mermaid or Merman

Lamia (Female Only race)

Siren (Female Only race)

Celedon (Female Only race)

There are numerous subclasses in Heromania: roleplaying, production, and special titles. Unlike classes, they can be changeable as long as the gamer is willing to start over from scratch once choosing another subclass.


In Heromania, players can use their skills outside safe zones when fighting monsters or PKing victims. All fights are not allowed within safe zones as the Royal Guard will intervene and kill the attacker without mercy.

Interaction with other Players

Heromania features two methods of communication with other players, voice chat and regular typed-up messages, although voice chat is the more popular form, with typing reserved mostly for roleplayers like Kagura prior to the Catastrophe. The event, however, naturally cut off the option of typed messages. Because it was possible to travel to other servers and thus meet players who spoke different languages, Heromania featured an automatic translator that translated everything aside from puns (which probably wouldn't make sense in different languages where, in Leon's case, phrases such as "my god" or "Cowabunga" are not translated) accurately after a slight delay.

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