Michael is a tall young man, with messy dark blue hair and blue eyes. He wears . In Al'sard, he wore armor-like clothes.


He is usually very laid back, to the point of being outright lazy. However, he is very confident in his power and strength, confidence which is justified with him being hailed as the "True Hero." Though generally kind, Michael will respond to any aggression directed towards him with even greater aggression, such as when he almost crushed Noël's head for trying to pick a fight with him.

Michael is, by nature, cocky and perverted. Upon bringing an unconscious and naked Sarasvati back to his apartment, the first thing he considers doing is fondling her breasts. Michael also tends to humiliate any female that obstructs or attacks him by somehow removing her panties from under her clothes and either keeping or throwing them away. Michael will also be kind to those less fortunate than himself (such as bullying Kyle out of the lunch line and giving his place to Carly, who had himself been bullied out of the line by Kyle), although he tends to do so in perverted ways.

Michael's overconfidence of his power has proven to be a problem, since he looks down on those who challenge him. He appears to have a strong sense of pride, as when the original leader of the Death Cabal was able to create a pillar of ice that Michael could not crack with his power, Michael instantly develops a dislike for the Death Cabal, challenging him at every chance.

Despite his sexual harassment toward females, Michael dislikes seeing a woman crying for whatever reason, and will go to great length to make them stop crying.


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