Kirara Dairenji is a high-level Vampire Queen with three level capped subclasses which are Boobs of Steel, Magic Knight and Naughty Priestess.



Kirara is a 21-23 year old woman with strawberry blonde, red hair. She is 181 cm tall. She has a slender, but solid and sexy build. She has very large and round breasts that may be the largest on the Fairy Blue. Kirara takes exceptional pride in her appearance and is very confident in her sex appeal, often exuding a certain amount of vanity.


Kirara is very aggressive towards others, even her own family as she does not hesitate to attack anyone who gets on her nerves. Even her sisters and Michael know how terrifying she can be and all make sure to not get on her bad side. Despite this, she is a very caring sister and loves her family and friends very much and often acts as a mother figure to others.

Kirara has shown to have romantic feelings for Noël, in the beginning, the two showed romantic feelings for each other and even kissed on more than one occasion. When Michael kissed her (due to him having a crush on her and knowing Noël what may do to her), they broke up. Even though they broke up and Noël's perverted nature gets on her nerves and she will attack him like any other person, she still deeply cares for him. Whether or not Kirara was aware of his betrayal before she was captured or ever knew what he was like is unknown. They did eventually get back together later on and Kirara would be revealed to be pregnant, and Noël is the father.

Kirara is passionate for literature and is in the process of writing her own novel about her adventures with Fairy Blue although she does not like telling anyone about it. Aside from her interest in writing and reading prose, she also likes shopping, cooking and assertive men. Her favorite colors are Gold and pink. She is a member of the Dairenji family, once one of the wealthiest and most influential conglomerate families in the country of Excelia.


Enhanced Fanmanship-

Mystic Vampire Physiology-


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