The riders are known across the "universe" as virtual "policers" of unending fire. Seeing them is the same as greeting your nightmare. Their only purpose is to do damage to the wicked and unjust, some may think this makes them heroes but that is far from true. Their wrath and vengeance can be cast upon any soul they deem to fit this template. Though they target evil with extreme precision, it is possible that some lesser offenses may be excused if a bigger one is available to them. This would only happen in instances where evil is rampant and their power over it would cause weakness in would be heroes. As each of them represents a varying level penance, the suffering caused by each will be directly proportional to the offense perpetrated by the wicked.

Blue Rider: The "easiest" of the riders. If this one finds you, thank The Creator for not being entirely cruel. The penance Blue Rider inflicts is only for the redeemable and those who may still have a chance at becoming decent in some capacity. Facing this nightmare will show you the cause of your wicked ways and offer you a chance to repent for them, failure will only result in one of his brothers finding you. MalevorousPenance StarePunishmentDarkside ViewSpirit Physiology.

Inferno Rider: A force of pure fury and vengeance. If you're found by this one, you'll be lucky to speak afterwards let alone be alive. Its called the inferno rider for obvious reasons. The fire on this one will torch your being to cinders and leave nothing for anyone to grab at, namely due to it having a heart full of passion. The suffering it inflicts will be according to its own will. There is no fire that burns intenser and no cold can ever put it out. MalevorousPenance StarePunishmentEvil EyeCombustion InducementUltimate Burning OmnicombustionSpirit Physiology.

Oblivion Rider: The worst of them and a complete bane to all evil, wicked, and unjust everywhere. The oblivion rider is a myth to those who are ignorant or think they can "escape" his ride. None will ever tell tale of actually seeing it, only stories of a haunting visage and terribly awful sound. For those caught by the oblivion rider will only know the suffering of the darkness they prescribed. Powerful enough to cause fear in the fearless, hope in the hopeless, and destruction to all things tyrannical. Considered a force all unto itself, its existence should be feared across all totality. No being will ever be out of its reach...MalevorousPenance StarePunishmentAbsolute BodyTrue IllusionNether ManipulationInner World CreationSoul ManipulationGhost Lord Physiology.

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