"I fear death. I once feared it so much that I shoved aside all better judgment, and became immortal. What a fool I was. I dispatched most of myself for eternity. I wanted to repent, to fix it and end it all. But by then, the fear of death was nourished by the fact that the power to continue living was only mine. No messenger, no Reaper would appear at my door, unless I opened it. Cowardly, I decided to live. And so, I keep living with the little shame I have left."
― Juvens
"Your mouth seems to keep spitting ill-natured words, I recommend you to think thrice before doing it again in my presence."
― Juvens
"I, like all truly intelligent beings, act on the belief that there is no absolute correctness. I do what I do, and the motives strive to contain detrimental chaos and promote benefitial order. How I do it I thought it carefully, so you better have a sounding reason to stop me."
― Juvens
"He surpassed us long ago, he is aware of it. Maybe that is why he clings so tenaciously to those remnants of humanity, to never forget that he was once like us, to always remember his imperfection"
― Walter B. Wright
"Not even us can know what he does. Maybe he pulls the strings, but if he really does, he is fucking subtle, and you should watch out from now on"
― Captured member of The Agency, seconds before dying
Epithet Magus Est Machina
Alignment Neutral Spectrum

Arcane Cyborg; Human (formerly)

Laterality Ambidextrous

Male (formerly)

Age 42 years
Birthday October 4th
Personal Data
Birthplace London, United Kingdom
Affiliation The Agency
Occupation Executive Director
Base of Operations The Core

Walter B. Wright (brother)

Favorite Food Coffee and ice cream mochi
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Height 5'8
Weight Variable

Was Once a ManThe ArchmageThe HermitArtificial IntelligenceA God I Am Not 

Mortality Phobia  and Immortality Seeker , resulting in Elderly Immortal and, ironically, Immortals Fear Death. Relatively Who Wants to Live Forever? in the end

The Watcher, eventually Neutral No Longer through a combination of The ChessmasterThe Strategist , and Mysterious Backer

Tends to fall in Above Good and Eviland  a mix between Ambiguously Evil and Unscrupulous Hero

Likes Learning. Assuring relative balance.
Dislikes Goody two-shoes people ; Disrespect (even more when is baseless); Chaos without reason nor goal.
Theme ExperienceRemembranceA Wizard's Dream



The succesful merging of a practitioner of the mystic arts and a quantum AI.


Damien Byron Wright


Civilian Appearance

Damien is a man in his early 40s with a slender and athletic build.

He has an esbelt neck, pronounced cheekbones, slightly ondulated brown hair between chin and shoulder length, grey eyes, and a trimmed, pointy Van Dyke beard to accentuate his strong, narrow jawline.

He wears an old-style three piece suit with a high white collared shirt and a dull silver necktie. A white-golden pocket watch and its chain are visible on his vest. When going outside, he also wears circle sunglasses, a stylish dark grey overcoat, a low-top hat, three rings of gold (left ring finger), silver (right index finger), and garnet (left index finger), and carries a cane sword with a stylized pearled knob handle and black wengue shaft.

He relies on the cane to walk.


He wears a high-neck, dark-gray overcoat fit in the upper side while widening waist down, separating in multiple layers with different lengths and forms and an inner layer of purple grey silk, all of them loose enough to wave when he moves. The coat has white-golden details strategically placed in the edge of the pieces of cloth. He also wears matching gloves, trousers, and loafers. Only the gloves had white-golden details, having the symbol of ether (a circle inside a square inside a triangle inside a circle) which parts were constantly rotating and readjusting in the back of his right glove, and an atomic diagram in the left hand that constantly changed, ranging through all the periodic table; symbols in both gloves had lines drawn from them that ended as circles in the fingerprints.

He also wore a jet-grey helmet of a stylized upper skull that covered nearly all his face (the lower part of the mandible was somewhat visible), with the eye cavities having a calm expression, and a carved circle of 0.6 inches of diameter in the center of the forehead, from which a straight line traveled to the right eye and ended in the zygomatic, and other travelled to the back of the head. The mask was plain on the upper side, and formed flame-like tongues on the laterals, covering part of the mandible and the ears. The back of the mask ended in a point slightly curved upwards.

The visible skin of his body was of a light gray color.


Previous to his merging, Damien presents himself as an amicable yet formal individual, being cordial and composed in his encounters with other people. He is seen as an empathic and understanding man, hard to hate, and very helpful when needed. With the years, his fear of mortality became more more obvious.

After the E.U.Z. project, he becomes progresively more intelligent and insightful, having an difficulty to slow down his train of thought to keep up with others. This has lead him to feel detachment, apathy, or disinterest in some matters, leading to a series of misunderstandings with other people, specially with parahumans, with which his shard has a notable effect, leaving the impression of being a rather arrogant and delusional individual. This also manifest in a distorted view of morality, having little doubt when executing or maiming foes, or sacrificing innocent people to follow a path more beneficial to him, though he tried to “sacrifice as less as possible, but not discarding the option”.

Thanks to the remnants of his humanity, he had the willpower to control his new set of abilities, recovering most of his previous self.

Powers & Abilities


  • Ulti-Advanced Arcano-Technological Equipment (U2ATE): Is the set of creations of arcanomechanical technology, some of them with latent power beyond reality. It resides in The Core, and has the properties to be instantly summoned.
    • The Archearts are four 1-foot-radius dekeract orbs that can generate and store countless amounts of raw magic, which serve as a direct  source for Juvens and passively enhance his spellcasting power and other magical concepts such as ley lines. They also acts as key to unlock certain applications in other items.
    • The Demiurge's Regalia are are a set of garnments and accesories that act as a highly-efficient magic armor and telekinetic source.
    • The Sage's Semblance is a mask that connects Juvens to higher planes of knowledge and acts as the main source of his telepathic abilities and catalyst of higher mystic powers.
      • It grants him master-level telepathic abilities.
      • It reconfigures his mind to reach a state of shifting thinking without losing his mental capabilities.
      • It allows multi-casting mainly by thought, only needing somatic components when using high-level spells.
      • He acquires all aplications of factual perception.
      • When synchronized with an Archeart, Juvens becomes a Seer with no limitations,  and all scanning aplications.
    • The Ciarach: The genuine creations inspired to Juvens by various supreme entities.
      • The Law of Magic is a staff that gives access to the Original Arcane Code, giving him innate understanding and intrinsic control of magic in any universe. Needs to synchronize with an Archeart to operate.
      • The Identity is a cristal that contains the sole ability to make of Juvens a unique being,making him a constant through existence, only altered by Juvens' own artifacts and feats. It has been assimilated within the Core to make impossible to destroy it, and extending it to his creations.
        • When using the Semblance, he is also connected to The Unknown. When linked to it, Juvens becomes an existence that cannot be searched nor investigated, effectively making him pseudo-invisible by all means. Information acquired before tied to the Unknown is not erased, but cannot be identified as related with Juvens.
      • The Prime Blade is a futuristic longsword that holds the powers to parry and cut through matter, energy and magic.


  • His mana pool may not be big enough or his mana generation may not be fast enough when facing multiple and powerful individuals for a long time.
    • Summoning U2ATE armament or Ciarach artifacts requires huge amounts of mana, but once manifested, it is pretty much game-changing.
    • Using mana to overcome most limitations of magic implies a more relatively pronounced mana consumption in general.
  • Even being such a powerful set, U2ATE is devoid of transcendental meanings such as fate or higher stages that all legendary artifacts usually carry within them, and so Juvens doesn't have access to powers that could reside in the original artifacts.
    • Ciarach artifacts are not an exception to this fact, as they come from entities that are separate from the games of good and evil, and so they are not designed with a specific goal or great purpose. They are what they are, nothing less, nothing more.
  • His humanity can be seen as a weakness, as:
    • He may not be using his full potential.
    • He rather refuses abilities that may radically change his humanoid appearance and uses them as a last resort.
    • He retains a form of human empathy, tough it is weak and insuficent to manipulate him. It is another wall he has to hold back against others nonetheless.
      • He still craves a sense of challenge, and will adapt his physical capabilities to those of his opponents in certain situations (e.g. 1 vs. 1 combat). He may not use magic or other artifacts. On the other hand, he could try to reduce the opponent's power down to his if the challenge is not beffiting of the circumstances.
    • Despises the use of Necromancy and almost never uses it, even if he is an expert on the field.
  • His powerful body makes him hard to neutralize if not by superior brute force or a combination of peak-level hacking and magic removal. These only put him down, and only for a uncertain amount of time, and cannot be effective when using different types of bodies.
  • Beings with similar level of intelligence may be able to cope with him intelectually, and more wise creatures may see some apparently non-existant flaws of some kind.
  • Unpredictability is still an important factor, but has proven to be highly situational.
  • Above all else, he will accept defeat when overwhelmed unless it means absolute and certain death. He is not competitive enough to search absolute victory in all levels.


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