aka Christopher Ariel Ureña

  • I live in Lawrence, Massachusetts
  • I was born on February 8
  • I am Male
  • YarinzianDragonKing

    Does anybody here know of any users to a power that I made (but which didn’t get deleted) called Enhanced Fluidity? BTW, a key method of finding users to EF is by thinking of anyone who can either move or attack with elegance, grace, style, grandeur, etc. In other words, it doesn’t necessarily have to be someone who is exclusively fluid in their movements, attacks, and/or maneuvers.

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  • YarinzianDragonKing

    The power to possesss fluidity beyond that of a normal member of the user’s species. Sub-power of Enhanced Condition. Not to be confused with Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Dexterity, Flawless Coordination, Precise Performance, or Flowmotion.

    • Enhanced Elegance
    • Enhanced Grace

    The user can move smoothly and swiftly with flawless grace and elegance, allowing them to effortlessly perform movements, maneuvers, and attacks with style and finesse.

    • Enhanced Agility
    • Enhanced Condition
    • Enhanced Dexterity
    • Enhanced Mobility
    • Flawless Coordination
    • Flowmotion
    • Precise Performance
    • Tranquil Combat

    • Can still be impeded by physical forces such as inertia, gravity, friction, etc.
    • Cannot escape bindings, restraints or sticky things that trap the user.
    • May have trouble through thi…

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  • YarinzianDragonKing

    Does anybody here in SPW think that Symbiosis & Inner Beast should be more than associations to each other or is that just me?

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  • YarinzianDragonKing

    Does anybody here in SPW know of any users of Superior Activity whose picture(s) can be added in the profile of the power?

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  • YarinzianDragonKing

    Superior Activity

    September 28, 2019 by YarinzianDragonKing

    Can somebody please find a picture for one of my latest superpowers (Superior Activity)? It's been like a day or two since I created it and nobody has even bothered to find a picture for it. --Chris Urena (talk) 21:47, September 28, 2019 (UTC)

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