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  • My occupation is A lot of them
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  • Bio Can't come up with one | 18F
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  • Zatalliya

    The ability to push or pull matter. Application/sub-power of various powers, including Electromagnetism Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Telekinesis, and Attraction/Repulsion Field. Combines the concepts of Attraction and Repulsion. 

    • Pushing and Pulling
    • Yoink & Yeet

    The user is capable of attracting or repelling objects, individuals, or other matter which they can affect. Attraction & Repulsion can be achieved through various means, usually other abilities that affect/exert a force on matter in some shape or form. The strength and effectiveness of Attraction & Repulsion are dependent on the user's skill level and/or the power being used to achieve the effect. 

    Users of telekinesis may use their ability to attract and repel matter through the…

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  • Zatalliya


    April 23, 2020 by Zatalliya

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  • Zatalliya

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