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Hi, welcome to {{SITENAME}}! Thanks for your edit to the '''Thread:340323|This is Only fairytale genies''' page!
Please leave a message on [[User talk:Death horseman94|my talk page]] if you need help with anything! [[User:Death horseman94|Death horseman94]] ([[User talk:Death horseman94|talk]]) 14:34, February 12, 2019 (UTC)
Use Preview before posting, it's right above Publish. --[[User:Kuopiofi|Kuopiofi]] ([[User talk:Kuopiofi|talk]]) 17:46, February 12, 2019 (UTC)
Stop trying to recover your edits on Phoenix Physiology. All your doing is messing up the page.
Leave the page alone, and don't edit it again. 
When I undo your edits it means to stop trying to change it back. 
If you can't make edits without removing page content or adding unnecessary spacing, then you really shouldn't be editing on the wikia at all. 
Your edits are neither needed nor are they accurate. 
So please leave it alone until you can manage to make edits without screwing up the pages.[[User:SageM|SageM]] ([[User talk:SageM|talk]]) 19:38, April 3, 2019 (UTC)SageM
== your not helping things.... ==
I already did.
Your making changes that don't belong on the page.
Stop editing the page please. I am asking this because your edits are making things '''WORSE''', not better.
All your doing is removing page content and adding back the spacing that I removed.
Also applications don't go under variations.
You haven't made a single accurate edit so far. So undoing the edits is the right thing to do.
Just leave the page alone. I am asking this because your just messing things up everytime you edit.
There isn't supposed to be extra spacing on the page, a single space is all the belongs between sections. You keep adding 8 or nine.
And you keep removing the categories.
I had to ask the admins to lock the page because you won't listen to reason.[[User:SageM|SageM]] ([[User talk:SageM|talk]]) 19:53, April 3, 2019 (UTC)SageM
[[User Talk: AZS]]
*Please Compare my edits before making undo
*Please make your edits with out undo
*Please my friend make your edits without undo
*I am recover your categories

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