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The very definition of Psychopomp is "a guide of souls to the place of the dead" - that is not Hades, of course he is able to travel too and fro but so can other gods as well, Persephone herself and Hecate both do. He's also not the inexorable finality of death as you so eloquently put it, he's the lord of the dead - god of the underworld, Moros would be a better god to call that as he is quite literally the personification of Doom itself. As for not letting human souls leave, he has willing offered souls to leave in mythology - take the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice for instance, he allowed them BOTH to leave as long as Orpheus didn't look back, so this could be interpreted as Hades allowing souls to leave as long as they impress him as Orpheus did with his songs. I have looked at the information, i've read through some of Homer's Theogony and a few other mythological texts and what you had there does NOT fit with Hades and the mythology around him because he was not the end of all things as you wrote in your message. NiklausOriginals1 (Talk )

Hades was NOT a type of psychopomp, if you look up the definition for the word - it will give you the ancient Greek version and the modern day, neither describe Hades himself, they speak about a creature (whether it is angel, demon, god or another being) guiding souls to the underworld and not about different creatures that can simply travel between the mortal world and the world of the dead. As for the god who carries away all, i'm certain this epithet comes from the myth of Persephone where Hades carries away Spring so that winter may come. NiklausOriginals1 (Talk)

He's not a similar being to a Psychopomp, he's the literal god/Lord of the underworld, of course he'd be able to go and come as he pleases, by your logic all gods of the underworld would be how your describing Hades - gods like Pluto and Tartarus, Ah-Puch (who along with his role as the lord of Mitnal (lowest level of Xibalba) is in fact a Psychopomp anyway along with his aforementioned role) and other such gods, by that logic you'd call Lucifer himself a Psychopomp because he can travel between Hell (an underworld of sorts) and the mortal world. Hades isn't an embodiment of anything at all - He's the lord of the dead and under the earth. I'm looking at what your writing but i vehemently disagree - Hades isn't in command of death at all, he doesn't control death and can't force people to die, that is only up to the Morai; fates while Hades commands Thanatos (embodiment of death). You mentioning your religion isn't at all relevant to the conversation - personally, i'm atheist and going back to Hades, i deleted the Psychopomp thing because it does not fit him at all. As for beings who can go between the underworld and the mortal world, there is a power for it - underworld path if i remember correctly - or even dimensional travel might work. I believe you have knowledge on the subject and believe working together would be good but on this subject, i will disagree on it. He is the god of the underworld, where all mortal souls will eventually end up and Hades himself plays no role in taking souls to the underworld so i am left with the observation that the epithet relates to Persephone. NiklausOriginals1 (Talk )

What draws me to Greek and Roman gods, mythology in general - is that i find it fascinating, the gods and monsters of all kinds, Fae from Celtic myth, Werewolves from different mythologies and different types of shifters. Your spiritual path doesn't have relevance to the conversation because it's not your spiritual path we're talking about, modern beliefs around the gods are different to those of the Ancient Greeks, similar? of course but there would be definite differences. My atheism holds no sway on my interest in these pages, i worship no god or goddess, angel or demon. As for the truthfulness of things - you are getting things from your interpretation of the wiki page, it doesn't strictly mention the background behind that epithet of Hades himself and sure, Hades is connected to Thanatos - he orders him around but they don't have what Death connection says, just because Hades exists doesn't mean Thanatos will cease to exist "User is connected to any/all death and dying things, so that as long as they exist death does as well" because Thanatos existed before Hades himself, as a child of Nyx. I do have some idea about what i'm talking about - as seen in previous edits, i know Hades, i may be atheist but i feel a connection to Hades, he's an amazing god among the Greek pantheon and he goes through a lot mythologically - one's religion does not mean they know everything correctly or otherwise about their God, obviously you have knowledge on Hades but anyway - lets leave the page as it is and perhaps work on other pantheons or gods that don't have much on them, perhaps the Mayan gods? or even the Romans?. NiklausOriginals1 (Talk )

Hey! same- i'm both knowledgeable in the Greek, Roman, Mayan, Roman, Norse, Celtic (mainly Irish but Welsh too), Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Christian, Jewish and Zoroastrian pantheons. As for the Mayan Deity Physiology page, i know there are MANY more gods that could be added such as Nakon, a god of war and many others - i'd also like to find a way to add the Greco-Egyptian deities in somewhere, Hermanubis and Serapis along with any others. NiklausOriginals1 (Talk )

My opinion on Fenrir, is that he's a Jotunn - so is Jormungandr, born to Loki - a god of Jotunn birth and the Jotunn Angraboda. Only Hel was ever claimed to be of divine status i believe?

I agree that Serapis, Hermanubis and many other gods should be allowed to be on one or both of those pages - they were worshipped in Ptolemaic Egypt so of course they're 'real' gods according to lore, Serapis had the attributes of many different gods (Zeus, Apollo, Osiris, Dionysus and others if memory serves). The admins seem to be a little fuzzy on the entire concept of gods with attributes from other gods - even if mythology does it many times over. NiklausOriginals1 (Talk)

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