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I got your massage, and I would like to talke to you soon if you want. Sorry, this is a bit late. I was busy on some things and could not contact you untill know. [[User:Thekingsman|Thekingsman]] 19:21, December 19, 2011 (UTC)
Hey man, listen I really want to talk to you, plus your book was a masterpiece, and I was wondering when your second volume is coming out. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]], 17:08 March 25, 2012
My favorite parts were when they fought Cyber Shadow (Total prick), when they first used their powers, and when Tinisha finally kissed Patrick (Adorable and passionate), favorite elements were about the adventure, the lessons of what it means to be a hero and to make a better man out of yourself, I don't have any favorite characters I like all 5 of the Young Guardians, I heard you're also planning a cartoon about them too, is that true? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 14:03, March 29, 2012
Is Patrick going to mimic fire and fly like The Human Torch? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 17:06, March 29, 2012
How is he going to fly like Superman, and plus how high is Tinisha's relationship with Patrick going to be? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 23:35, March 29, 2012
Will they get married? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 23:13, March 30, 2012
Will Tinisha tend to flirt or tease Patrick every now and then? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 1:24, March 31, 2012
OHH MAN! I just can't wait until that second volume comes out! -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 1:36, March 31, 2012
Huh, well that tends to happen to superheroes, if you played Iron Man on Xbox 360, when you see the ending of the game, you'll see Tony looking down on his armor remembering his friend Dr. Yinsen saying to him "A man who embraces his heroic nature... Pays a terrible price, He sees the darkness in the world and in his own heart... and is forever changed." -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 11:37, March 31, 2012
Nope, by the way since Joshua has air manipulation powers, is he going to use it make him run faster? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 16:05, March 31, 2012
So where is the second book going to take place? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 18:23, April 2, 2012
What does that mean? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 18:44, April 2, 2012
Hmph, they're afraid of the power of change, yeah that usually gets to ya, hey to me I won't believe that as long as they do what's right and fight for the common good, I don't think that will ever happen.
Maybe the officially powerful but won't beat until much later or at the last of the volume book bad guy. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 6:54, April 3, 2012
Don't know. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 15:28, April 3, 2012
Huh, what's the point of killing the human race and create it as his own, I mean there won't be anyone left and no gave him rights, what a load of pussy he is. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 2:02, April 4, 2012
Which won't prove shit. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 3:24, April 4, 2012
Sheesh, villains like Lex Luthor is wasting time thinking they can beat the good guys, and he's supposed to be a genius. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 20:07, April 4, 2012
I also heard that Joshua was a loose cannon. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 18:59, April 7, 2012
Doesn't he know that if he kills criminals that it won't make him any better than the bad guys he's going to fight? By the way, Happy Easter! -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 10:19, April 8, 2012
So where do the Young Guardians go in Book 2? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 16:24, April 9, 2012
Who are those two, and Triple Ace it sounds familiar to a superpowered mutant Cajun. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 20:13, April 9, 2012
A Cajun is usually a person from the Southern Part of the U.S. with a southern accent but can also speak French too, usually found in New Orleans, Louisiana, the superpowered mutant Cajun I was talking about was the X-Man Gambit. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 22:15, April 9, 2012
Well technically Gambit only has partial power of Kinetic energy manipulation, Molecular Acceleration and use it to charge objects with kinetic energy, like to his staff to make it more powerful or his trademark playing cards like grenades, and who's Cynthia Andrews? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 12:26, April 10, 2012
So are there any other members? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 21:32, April 10, 2012
Can you tell me two more? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234 ]] 21:52, April 10, 2012
Sorry it's just been so long since another one of your stories came out that it's gotten me a little shaky with the next release. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 7:15, April 11, 2012
So how exactly is Patrick gonna propose to Tinisha? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 15:11, April 12, 2012
How did Tinisha react? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 15:04, April 13, 2012
What's Triple Ace's personality? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 13:47, April 14, 2012
Huh, she's a "Focus on the mission and anything related to it now, and ask questions later" type of woman, does she care about her friends? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 17:14, April 16, 2012
What about her that makes him so interested in her, and does she have a thing for him? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 23:18, April 16, 2012
If there's a chance that they're gonna make out, does that mean she would have to take off the mask, I mean their her friends, so shouldn't she believe they're trustworthy to know her face? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 0:25, April 17, 2012
Who's her brother? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 1:21, April 17, 2012
Okay, but I'm killing myself for having to wait so long for the next volume to come out. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 2:44, April 17, 2012
Lynchpin? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 16:43, April 21, 2012
Okay, who is the dangerous, psychopathic serial killer that the Young Guardians declared was the best one of that aspect? The Joker? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 20:44, April 21, 2012
The Wedding Crasher, sheesh talk about being a party pooper. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 10:58, April 22, 2012
Hmph, where's Batman you need him? He usually deals with psychotic, screw loosed bad guys. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 14:21, April 22, 2012
Deadpool had that technique as well, he's so insane (the good and funny kind) from that Weapon X thing that cured his cancer, his healing factor became unstable and made himself to hard to read his mind. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 23:53, April 23, 2012
Well, they've been through worse. Man i'm thinking about that music from the Burnes Lands from Legend of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon, man the music almost made me tear up a bit. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 20:58, April 24, 2012
What are Cynthia Andrews' powers again? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 11:10, April 29, 2012
I thought you said it will come out till around Halloween. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 20:59, April 30, 2012
I heard Patrick can control the very fire that dragons breathe, is there a point on any of the stories where he lets loose his anger on something? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 15:25, May 1, 2012
Yeah why? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 19:34, May 2, 2012
What does Patrick look like when he confronts his sister's killer? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 21:28, May 2, 2012
Like does Patrick gonna have an intimidating appearance with his powers when he confronts his sister's killer? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 23:07, May 2, 2012
What does Patrick look like in his super form? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 0:43, May 3, 2012
Okay, oh man the suspense is killing me! -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 0:59, May 3, 2012
What about it? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 23:24, May 7, 2012
Illustrations huh, what kind of animation is there gonna be, plus have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 2:57, May 11, 2012
Is there going to be a movie or a cartoon series of this book?-[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 7:58, May 12, 2012
I bet they will, and you're lucky, I never got to go to Comic Con in my life, since I live all the way across the country, and what's it like there? I only read a few comic books in my life, but I all I got are The Flash and Spider-Man (Best hero that lived before Superman). -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 9:23, May 13, 2012
I've heard of a Marvel superhero who goes by a similar title, The Black Panther. Who is this one you're talking about? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 23:20, May 14, 2012
Typical superhuman arrogance, yeah right what's the point of thinking of being a god? I mean it makes no sense, I mean Zeus and Odin or Thor can beg to differ. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 16:57, May 15, 2012
What organization? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 23:19, May 16, 2012
I hope it's not SHIELD, I don't like those paranoid superhero haters. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 23:34, May 16, 2012
So what's so different about The White Triumvirate than The Black Pantheon? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 18:45, May 18, 2012
Dude, what's wrong with the way things are, and you are not gods, you don't like one, you're not born like one, and last and bet of them all ANYONE WHO SUPERHUMAN WHO THINKS THEY'RE A GOD ARE LOSERS WHO NEED TO GET A LIFE! How would the pantheon react to this comment? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 20:42, May 18, 2012
Sheesh, they can't even get over a taunt? You think they could be more mature than that. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 10:20, May 19, 2012
Pretentious pricks. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 22:44, May 19, 2012
To me the world would be better off upgrading the old fashioned way, don't you think they had enough of their world getting built by superpowered groups. And what's the name of 2nd book of The Young Guardians? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 16:09, May 20, 2012
Can you tell the exact month of the release date of the 2nd book, and I'm 17 years old and I don't have a job. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 23:52, May 20, 2012
Do they get to go back in time, if so I hope they have a Delorean, :). -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 9:18, May 21, 2012
Geez, they have all sorts of crazies. I just hope people don't think of them like how some people treat mutants. So what Mr. Fantastic had a stretchy body, Spider-Man has... well spider powers, and Daredevil had super senses and you don't treat them like savages, since they have powers too like the X-Men. And plus look at Cyclops he pretty much looks like a human so how does he look like a freak, I mean it makes no sense. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 15:38, May 21, 2012
The Guard!? An army made entirely out of superhumans and that's the best name they can come up with!? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 15:19, May 22, 2012
Name still sucks. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 19:28, May 23, 2012
No.-[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 9:20, May 24, 2012
Reminds of me of Prototype when Blackwatch made supersoldiers to get Alex Mercer. Man they gave Captain America a bad name. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 0:38, May 25, 2012
Beats me, some are treated as idols, some are treated as horrible people. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 23:40, May 29, 2012
I don't know, usually freaks, by the way didn't your blog say that your second volume comes out this month? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 12:01, June 2, 2012
Publication? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 0:59, June 3, 2012
So when will it finish? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 1:03, June 3, 2012
During summer vacation, sweet. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 0:30, June 4, 2012
I don't know, a psycho one maybe? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 14:57, June 4, 2012
Don't know the powers and it's good about the publication. Did you ever mention or show examples of Marvel hero's besides Spider-Man in these series? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 15:06, June 7, 2012
You know how you wrote about Patrick showing Tinisha a movie of Spider-Man to show what being a hero is all about. Will you show more examples like that in the other volumes? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234 ]] 16:15, June 8, 2012
How coincedential, you're attending to Comic-Con too. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 19:22, June 8, 2012
I could only imagine. :) -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 8:36, June 10, 2012
How exciting! What's the name of the book again? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 15:11, June 11, 2012
Because they're young, and they're like guardians of justice and peace? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 16:24, June 12, 2012
Superman does the same thing, only his appearance will look older and he's not that young. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 18:13, June 12, 2012
He'll age and look like an old man, but not for a very long time. And he'll still have his physical prowess too. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 19:30, June 12, 2012
Wow, for that long, will Patrick and his wife ever have kids? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 18:02, June 13, 2012
Who knows, so after 3000 years in hopefully a technologic future, they get three kids? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 23:56, June 13, 2012
Well at least it's 7 years, and I'm sure they will be fine with their kids. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 18:46, June 14, 2012
I think Tinisha is a wonderful person, the pranks sound great and I can't wait to see it, and it just so happens that I'm making a fanfiction character of my own. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 19:02, June 15, 2012
Naw, he's just for online stories on a website with a few friends of mine, I'll let you know if I want him to be a part of your stories. His name is Calvin Daring. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 17:25, June 15, 2012
I would say insanity, very strategic, and power that can rip planets and/or reality apart. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 00:16, June 17, 2012
So how's the convention? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 13:11, July 9, 2012
I did, and it looked awesome and so was the teaser trailer for it. Can't wait to get my hands on it. Man Joshua looks like Hawkman now. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 13:30, July 11, 2012
The villain looked like Baxter or maybe it's someone else, he looks menacing but I've seen better. How can I spread the word about your book? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] July 11, 2012
On Youtube. So how can I show them your illustration of the second book? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 16:06, July 11, 2012
Nope. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 16:19, July 11, 2012
Well no, but on my Fanfiction account I've got a few friends. I don't think they've heard of your book but I'll tell them about it. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 23:30, July 11, 2012
No you're not. I'll tell them about it when I get the chance. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234 ]] 7:51, July 12, 2012
First criminals they faced, not much to me, just pushovers. And what about the non-aging and disease immune power? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 17:29, July 19, 2012
Can't they realize that sometimes powers are just not worth it? The Young Guardians have a reason for their powers, doesn't mean they could just take that kind of power and not expect any consequences. -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 17:45, July 19, 2012
Stupid AND crazy. Some people live, some people die. That's life, and they can't change that. That kind of horrible future won't happen right? -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 18:00, July 19, 2012
Huh, though I kinda wonder how lovely the relationship will be with Derek and Triple Ace. -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 18:34, July 19, 2012
I wonder if she ever takes off the mask, she might have to if she wants to kiss him. -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 18:50, July 19, 2012
How does she kiss Derek, when they fight each other until she pins him down, removes her mask and kisses him? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 20:49, July 19, 2012
Well does Triple Ace kiss Derek by pinning him down and removing her mask and kisses him when they fought, plus that wedding video, jeez if Calvin was there he'd be recording it and said "My Facebook guys are not gonna believe this". -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 22:43, August 1, 2012
I still can't believe that someone like her can be so interested in a nerdy guy like him, maybe one of the reasons is that he's so freakin' tight. Just look at those muscles! -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 9:50, August 2, 2012
Awesome! Can't wait to read it as soon as the delivery comes by! -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 9:27, August 9, 2012
Read the whole book yesterday, it was AWESOME! -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 22:23, August 17, 2012
I have no favorite part or character. The whole story and characters were outrageously awesome! When does the third one come out? -[[User:Atom234|Atom234]] 22:44, August 19, 2012
Fanoxean is disgusting, despicable and downright EVIL! I didn't think he was a possessor either considering he did that to Tinisha's ex-boyfriend and an innocent. Cynthia is adorable and grim at the same time with her split personality, Triple Ace is somewhat mysterious and sexy, Derek has no idea how lucky he is now that he meets his future love life. -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 8:57, August 21, 2012
Saw the photos, nice touch. So what will be the main point in Book 3? -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 0:36, August 22, 2012
Yeah, I know Vogan. What exactly is this first stge? -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 8:37, August 22, 2012
Huh, so I have to wait 3 years till I read it. Greeeeaaat. -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 15:22, August 22, 2012
The Black Panthen is going down HARD! -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 22:43, August 22, 2012
Will Triple Ace strengthen her relationship with her friends even further in the third book? -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 15:23, August 23, 2012
How so? -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 19:06, August 23, 2012
Does she advance her relationship with Derek in book 3? -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 22:20, August 23, 2012
Those must be some 13 villains. -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 0:02, August 24, 2012
Don't know. -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 23:36, August 28, 2012
Obviously arrogant, pretentious, and a complete dickhole and what he did to that guy EWWWW! -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 0:28, August 29, 2012
Who are these 5 new members? If you can't tell me, at least tell me one new member. Man, I just wish my character Calvin Daring can help out. But I can't seeing is how he is a fanfiction character, and fanfiction just can't be made into real entertainment for books, TV, movies, and games like that. -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 9:13, August 29, 2012
A speedster and a water manipulator, cool. But how can I allow my character to be in the series, isn't fanfiction not allowed in stuff like this? If I can, here's his name Calvin Daring 17 years old, he's literally his last name... Daring, adventorous, understanding, almost fearless, and like Spider-Man he's kind of a smartass, caring, eccentric, loyal, and tends not to worry about things and just stay on the positive side, let's just say his powers are similar to a Blue Lantern. Except he holds all its power from Adara the living embodiment of Hope and a made cosmic symbiosis with him, he also has a ring with him too. Flight, energy blasts, energy constructs, ability to control all sorts of energy, his body made entirely out of solid energy giving him superhuman physical powers like super strength enough to lift over 100 tons, run faster than light, superhuman agility, endurance, and seld sustenance since he is made of energy he no longer requires food, water or sleep though he will eat occasionally and sleep, though he still looks human his eyes are shaded red, like the Young Guardians he too is immune to toxins and diseases and never ages though he can die but just not so easily as he is not that human. Adara acts like a second consciousness to him, like an AI only she's not a computer but an alien entity. If Calvin uses too much of full power then he will risk insanity, Adara makes sure that doesn't happen and so Calvin doesn't use all of his powers. I'm sure he sounds overpowered, but don't worry he doesn't use full power all the time. -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 9:30, August 30, 2012
Not to mention he doesn't take the bad guy's rant seriously, and in free time he reads comic books, plays video games, or uses the computer or watches TV. -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 17:18, October 4, 2012
Just don't make him too much like the Lantern Corps, plus I want him to make him best friends with one of your characters; the superfast one. Plus, he stands up for what he believes is right. No matter what, he thinks "Just because they look scary and have dangerous powers, doesn't mean I should stop standing up for my friends and innocent people." -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 12:11, November 1, 2012
How so? -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 22:50, November 1, 2012
How would the team think of him? -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 14:06, November 4, 2012
Okay, Calvin looks like one of those cocky, fearless, daring-do guys, like Sonic the Hedgehog. Don't get me wrong, Calvin may seem like that, but he knows not to be overconfident. He's also very cunning and strategic, often planning attacks and occassionally mischevous pranks without anyone noticing. And he's very possessive about his black leather jacket, his dad gave it to him ever since he was 10. Telling him, that he was going to do great things someday. So if he finds his jacket all messed up, then START RUNNING! Plus, he does care deeply about justice, and like Spider-Man; wants to be very responsible with it along with his powers. Like say he ends up fighting a villain, when the bad guy explained that he did this just for fun. Calvin will get annoyed about it, saying on how stupid it was to waste his powers on something pointless and irresponsible. -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 8:41, November 6, 2012
I would say he's a combination of Sonic's attitude and color, with Nova's energy powers and energy propulsion, and Green Lantern's constructs and oath-like social standing. Plus he has an alien entity inside his mind which is the source of his power, she looks like a beautiful female human wearing robes that gives her that priest kind-of image. She acts as his conscience, and she's also a friend to him. She can take over his body if he's unconscious, and despite her strong cosmic power allowing Calvin to do anything he wanted. Calvin just wants to live the life he already has. Plus he usually spends his free time playing video games, reading comics, watching tv and using his computer. And he his wisecracks can piss his enemies off very good, and he always questions the way villains rant and boast about their beliefs. Plus, he's very VERY hard to mind control, he always thinks about his imagination and what he does that's fun to him. Not even a seductress can tempt him, seductresses sometimes creep him out because he doesn't like the idea of his body getting used for amusement. He would say it like "Ewww! Gross! Keep your hands to yourself!" -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 14:51, November 6, 2012
Can you write about a scene where Calvin plays Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, and he thinks hard on what last piece of evidence does he need to make sure Phoenix can find the truth to the murder case? And then he comments on how he didn't know that saying 'OBJECTION!' so dramtically can be so cool. -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 19:52, December 6, 2012
On second thought, change of plans. I want to change this guy, what I mean is that Calvin Daring will remain in my case. This character you will put in the 4th book is a little different his name is Robert "Robbie" Nathan, he has a similar attitude to Calvin but he's more sarcastic but in a good way. He still has that space cop thing going on, but this time he has a brace that's colored red. It can make energy constructs, has an oath-like standing, allows him to fly, generates and projects scarlet red flames, gives him superhuman strength, speed, durability, reflexes, agility, stamina, endurance,  His symbol is a starburst. His uniform belongs to the Starburst Corp. The way he flies is similar to Nova but he flies in a scarlet red aura with a flame trail of the same color leaking behind him.  His uniform is red and white in color. Sorry for bringing this up. I just felt like I have to go my own way with my own character. You understand right? -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 21:48, December 19, 2012
Plus, he is also motivated from this battle to protect his girlfriend, Cammy Fischer, from this fight. And if his enemies so much as touch her, well...they're going to know what it's like to feel the burn of the Starburst. -[[user:Atom234|Atom234]] 6:32, January 8, 2013
==Non-power pages==
Hey there. I've made a blog post about your pages [ here]. I hope you enjoy your time here on the wiki, i'm about to take a look at the trailer for your ''The Young Guardians'' book now. ~[[User_talk:Pteraclaww|Pteraclaww]] 00:26, March 29, 2012 (UTC)
Sorry for spying on your comments JL and Atom but could not help myself. :) Anyway, I am so envies about you going to comic con this summer I always wanted to go there. Happy late birthday, and good luck on getting a cartoon show or something out of it. It is going to get a little hard from now or so that is what I herd.-[[User:Thekingsman|Thekingsman]] 03:47, May 17, 2012 (UTC)
It is very hard to say which telekinetic ability is the strongest. You are right that telekinesis can do all of it. I am going to have to get back to you on that. Need more research.-[[User:Thekingsman|Thekingsman]] 16:14, May 25, 2012 (UTC)
There is no such thing as the most powerful type of energy, unless your a cosmic god. But, what I think that would fit into your story is [[Maximum Quintessential Control]]. It just depends on the story.-[[User:Thekingsman|Thekingsman]] 16:33, May 25, 2012 (UTC)
If you put it that way then for energy manipulation then it has got to be energy twin or energy blasts. For,the other one I think mind control would be te most effective.-[[User:Thekingsman|Thekingsman]] 00:21, May 26, 2012 (UTC)
Of course I have, I have been reading Bleach for a long time. I know all about him. What do you want to know?-[[User:Thekingsman|Thekingsman]] 04:07, May 27, 2012 (UTC)
That is a good question. I think he is a top of the notch, but in the manga even though he is top notch some people did notice something different about his illusions but they did not know what.-[[User:Thekingsman|Thekingsman]] 05:24, May 27, 2012 (UTC)
That is true, maybe that is way Tite Kubo did not want him to use it in the manga. It would destory the plot line on the manga and the anime. I was evaluating what I have seen, read on the other wiki, and watched.-[[User:Thekingsman|Thekingsman]] 05:40, May 27, 2012 (UTC)
In all out honesty, I do not know.-[[User:Thekingsman|Thekingsman]] 16:15, May 27, 2012 (UTC)
I know how strong and how intelegent he is. He was strong enough to take down the 6th espada with out doing anything and caims to be stronger then all of the espada. Why do you want to know?-[[User:Thekingsman|Thekingsman]] 06:02, May 28, 2012 (UTC)
That is a good question, I can't really say. What I can say is it just depends on how you use it in both situations but still got to get clever with it and trick your enemy with it. In my mind I would use it to gain insight on what my opponents can and can't do. Then watch the show from a save distance. You just got to be clever of what you have. Sorry, for not being much help.-[[User:Thekingsman|Thekingsman]] 06:41, May 29, 2012 (UTC)
== Writer's block. ==
Hey there. Still writing your story? I was wondering.. what exactly do you do to counter writer's block? I'm.. kind of stuck, myself, at the moment. ''~[[User_talk:Qofi|Qofi]]'' 10:27, July 19, 2012 (UTC)
Thanks for the advice. It's not much yet, but I've started with some output again, actaully. =) ''~[[User_talk:Qofi|Qofi]]'' 19:56, July 28, 2012 (UTC)
It looks fantastic to me.-[[User:Thekingsman|Thekingsman]] 20:57, July 19, 2012 (UTC)
Wow, that is hard to say. I can think of a lot of powers to fit a samurai but if it was my choice I would put [[Enhanced Strength]], [[Enhanced Speed]], [[Enhanced Agility]], [[Intuitive Aptitude |Intuitive Aptitude]] even though he can't copy powers but he knows there weakness, and [[Spacial Slicing]]. Is that what you mean.[[User:Thekingsman|Thekingsman]] 20:10, July 22, 2012 (UTC)
You are compleatly right. It is overkill to put Spacial Slicing in but I would imagine some thing like that. If you ever watched Samurai X then I would say Photographic Deduction. Don't mind me for asking but why are you asking me these questions?-[[User:Thekingsman|Thekingsman]] 03:09, July 23, 2012 (UTC)
Why does people keep saying that I founded the wikia? I did not. I marly adopted it because there was not a single admin here for months.-[[User:Thekingsman|Thekingsman]] 17:14, July 23, 2012 (UTC)
==Writing Business ==
Yo Jedi, its RnR. I heard about your books. They look interesting and I'm thinking about gettin' them. As a fellow writer, there one's I gotta known; What does it take to getting into the publishing business? Like what do you have to do and what the requirement?[[User:RnR|RnR]] ([[User talk:RnR|talk]]) 22:43, September 4, 2012 (UTC)
==Re: Writing Business ==
Thank you for your response, I'll take it into consideration. Also last question, what do you mean by manuscript?
I understand. Would that also include the backstory and information of the characters?
I gotcha. Thank you, it was much appreicated.[[User:RnR|RnR]] ([[User talk:RnR|talk]]) 02:35, September 7, 2012 (UTC)
==Hey Dude ==
Hey JL, it's been too long. How've ya been?[[User:RnR|RnR]] ([[User talk:RnR|talk]]) 17:44, April 21, 2013 (UTC)
I've been doing great, just been working on back stories and abilties for my characters. They're coming along nicely. How's life?[[User:RnR|RnR]] ([[User talk:RnR|talk]]) 23:16, April 21, 2013 (UTC)

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