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*[[Solar Manipulation|Sunset Manipulation]]
*[[Solar Manipulation|Sunset Manipulation]]
*Variations: [[Wikipedia:Simurgh|Simurgh]] Physiology: [[Plant Manipulation]] and [[Transcendent Physiology]]
*Variations: [[Wikipedia:Simurgh|Simurgh]] Physiology: [[Branch Generation]] and [[Transcendent Physiology]],
*[[Siren Physiology]] or/and [[Griffin Physiology]]
*[[Siren Physiology]] or/and [[Griffin Physiology]]

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  • I love dialouge and diffrence of opinions
  • There is not certain myth of Anqâ AlMughrib it is just arabic translation and evolution of Phoenix, Siren, Simurgh and Gryphon
  • littaraly meaning is sunset's bird or fallout's bird
  • anqa is long-necked bird
  • but it is not I am talking about
  • this page have some mistakes currently
  • And I was try to correct it
  • I am sorry I don't mean messed up this page
  • I click on save instead preview unintentionally 

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===Types of Phoenix===
*Bennu Physiology

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