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New Genie Types with Signature


the djinn portal its name: Qarn Alshaytan (Satan's Horn) or Qarn Alshams (The Sun's Tip)

and its location in Iraq or Najd (Central Nation in Arabian Peninsula]

this make them kinda angelic alien or demonic alien but fiery instead of photic and dark
The Ghouls:
Normal Ghoul
Silah: Ghoul Mage and Sex Ghoul

also named Genie Mage similar to succubi and incubi
Qutrub: Superior Ghoul and Theift Ghoul

Similiar to Imp and Goblin

Beast Genie:
Black Beast espicially Canine or Feline
Serpent Genie or Demon Serpent
Scorpion Genie or Demon Scorpion
and the earth genie can build with magic like dwarves Craftsmanship Magic

AZS (talk) 14:09, April 5, 2019 (UTC)

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