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There is proof of their immortality, so I won't remove either of them.

Yes there is information on both anne poole and the Wu. In fact if you read either the manga or anime of 3x3 eyes you would know that the Wu are considered absolutely immortal so long as there soul remains sealed by the Sanjiyan Unkara. In fact it even shows the coming back to life from literally nothing. The Wu cannot be killed, Period. they will remain immortal and perpetual forever.

I know this for a fact, not only do I own both the first and second anime, I have all of the manga of 3x3 eyes. So yes it can be proven and it has.

As for Anne Poole, she is so immortal that the universe itself actually short circuited when she was pushed into a black hole. In fact the universe broke before she did. In fact every method of death has been tried on her, and she recovered from them all. She has walked on the moon not only with a suit, but barefoot as well. She cannot die, Period. end of story.

I will not remove either of them. So don't bother removing them again.<a data-rte-meta="%7B%22type%22%3A%22internal%22%2C%22text%22%3A%22SageM%22%2C%22link%22%3A%22User%3ASageM%22%2C%22wasblank%22%3Afalse%2C%22noforce%22%3Atrue%2C%22wikitext%22%3A%22%5B%5BUser%3ASageM%7CSageM%5D%5D%22%7D" data-rte-instance="48473-10291317255705ec9106bca" href="/wiki/User:SageM" title="User:SageM">SageM</a> (<a data-rte-meta="%7B%22type%22%3A%22internal%22%2C%22text%22%3A%22talk%22%2C%22link%22%3A%22User%20talk%3ASageM%22%2C%22wasblank%22%3Afalse%2C%22noforce%22%3Atrue%2C%22wikitext%22%3A%22%5B%5BUser%20talk%3ASageM%7Ctalk%5D%5D%22%7D" data-rte-instance="48473-10291317255705ec9106bca" href="/wiki/User_talk:SageM" title="User talk:SageM">talk</a>) 03:41, April 7, 2016 (UTC)SageM

Answer here only or I won't reply.

Just watch the anime itself. Since I am not going to bother explaining it again. I already explained the character on your talk page. And please stop editing user pages on other wikias. talk here if your going to talk otherwise I will not answer your questions and editing the user page will get you blocked.

Either answer here or I won't bother talking to you again.SageM (talk) 05:20, April 7, 2016 (UTC)SageM

You say the this Wu character exist but where can I find the history of Wu in the anime series.

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