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An unrefuseable offer

I already asked User:RnR, User:Gabriel456 and User:Keitto191 Gabe and RnR want to be administration and I just asked Keitto191 but if she turns down my offer would you be my third administration? I'll leave a link on your page and I'll brief you on the rules of the 'Hero Utopia'.[Hero Utopia is the name of the wiki] I'll tell you if Keitto turns me down.I hope I hear back from you see ya'.Here's a link to my talk page User Talk:Truth™.

Welcome To Heromainia!!!!!!!

Just like User:Gabriel456 and User:RnR I'm informing you that the wiki has been made ahead of plans I made a tutorial page just in case on of you wanted to try and make a hero or villan before midnight Friday. so I'm asking you to spread the word see ya':)User Talk:Truth™ If any of you go to the Heromainia wiki before hand I'll make administration then but I gladly do it any time.

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