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Well, one minute back in the game, and ohh god, do I have a bone to pick with you.
Remember when Imouto basically asked you a rigged question of who should be an admin or whatever. And you said "I certainly wont be recommending Death horseman (me) Or BlackHoleOfNothingness (my bro). You are so hopelessly oblivious to the abuse they have subjected me to on the Discord chat, you wouldnt believe it even if I showed you.
You talk as if I give two shits about your opinion of me. "Poor Dybad?" What, are you fucking nuts or just blind? He is the only one keeping the fighting going, refusing to unblock me on the chat, after HE rage quit my server, and called me a shit load of insults in my DM for asking him why is then-lover Imouto hates my new server so much. 
Nothing against DYBAD, but he didnt know the truth at the time, but he does now. So, we are good, and so is me and Imouto. But you? YOU... Who the hell do you think you are? One minute Imouto is and I quote, a "stupid pathetic asian moron" But now I am the force of evil? Oh and you are "totally sorry" for being racist and aggressive towards a staff member? 
Answer for yourself. And dont you dare be so insulting to MY face. You have been warned. Im waiting, for your "friendly" reply to why you think I am a bad person.
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