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==Known Users==<br />*Overpowering Being
==Capabilities==<br />The user either is or can become an overpowering being of unimaginable power and abilities with transcendent levels. Overpowering beings have such raw power capable of overwhelming and overpowering anyone and anything in existence. The magnitude of the power they wield is beyond comprehensible to any other being.
==Applications==<br />* [[Absolute Condition]]<br />* [[Absolute Combat]]<br />* [[Alpha Physiology]]<br />* [[Badassery]]<br />* [[Concussive Force]]<br />* [[Hypercompetence]]<br />* [[Indomitable Will]]<br />* [[One Hit Kill]]<br />* [[One-Man Army]]<br />** [[Army Annihilation]]<br />* [[Quintessence Force]]<br />* [[Raw Power]]<br />* [[Self Transcendence]]<br />* [[Ultimate Invincibility]]<br />* [[Weakness Resistance]]<br />* [[Zenith]]
==Associations==<br />*[[Empowered State]]<br />*[[Indeterminacy]]<br />*[[Perfection]]<br />*[[Transcendent Physiology]]<br />*[[True Power]]
==Known Users==<br />*Goku (''Dragon Ball'')<br />*Jiren (''Dragon Ball'')<br />*Saitama (''One Punch Man'')<br />*Boros (''One Punch Man'')<br />*Acnologia (''Fairy Tail'')<br />*Escanor (''Seven Deadly Sins'')<br />*Naruto Uzumaki (''Naruto'')<br />*Sasuke Uchiha (''Naruto'')<br />*Madara Uchiha (''Naruto'')<br />*Hashirama Senju (''Naruto'')<br />*Hagoromo Otsutsuki (''Naruto'')<br />*Kaguya Otsutsuki (''Naruto'')<br />*Tatara (''Tokyo Ghoul'')         [[User:CrystalStorm51|CrystalStorm51]] ([[User talk:CrystalStorm51|talk]]) 23:37, December 2, 2019 (UTC)

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