The ability to create vacuums. Sub-power of Vacuum Manipulation. Not to be confused with Air Absorption.

Also Called

  • Vacuity Creation/Generation
  • Vacuum Generation


The user can create vacuums, regions of space devoid of matter and energy.

By turning a region into a vacuum, they can suffocate and crush targets with increased ambient pressure. As matter outside of the vacuum will flow into the empty space to create equilibrium, this will create suction capable of tearing matter.

The higher the quality of the vacuum, the less matter and energy remains within. Photons, gravitons, dark energy, and other aspects of quantum vacuum, would remain in vacuums due to imperfections; only a perfect vacuum would be completely devoid of any particles, having a complete state of zero-energy.





  • User may not be immune to created vacuums.
  • May be overwhelmed by Air Generation.

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