The power to possess the traits of a Vampire Lord. Variation of Vampire Physiology.

Also Called

  • King of Vampires
  • Vampire Lordship
  • Queen of Vampires
  • Lord of Vampires
  • Lady of Vampires
  • Master of Vampires
  • Mistress of Vampires


The user either is or can transform into a Vampire Lord, the most powerful form of vampire. Unlike lesser vampires, the vampire lord possesses inherent skill in dark magic and can command legions of undead minions/vampires.

Also, vampire lords are known to have a certain resistance to sunlight for prolonged periods of time and have the fewest weaknesses; on top of that, even if they die, they are powerful enough to be reborn after a specific time period has passed. Furthermore, vampire lords are demonic in origin, thus granting them access to the most unholy of powers.




  • they still posses all of the natural vampire weaknesses but to a lesser degree and they do have a high weakness for holy water, being that vampire lords are demonic in origin.
  • Though the user can walk in daylight, it is recommended that he/she wear heavy clothing to protect them should the time limit expire
  • May be vulnerable to those with Werebeast Lord Physiology assuming Vampires and Were's are natural enemies.

Known Users


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