The power to manipulate the vectors of matter and its related energy. Sub-power of Physics Manipulation

Also Called

  • Direction Manipulation
  • Geometric Vector Control
  • Redirection Manipulation
  • Refraction Manipulation
  • Regokinesis
  • Spatial Vector Transformation


The user can change both the magnitude and direction (vector) of something to achieve a given result.

Position, momentum and force are the three basic types of vectors. Position is the coordinate and orientation of something, whilst its momentum refers to both its speed and trajectory. Force is instead the direction and strength of its acceleration, and even if the size of its vector was zero, it would still count as one due to having a direction.

Since every form of matter can be described as a vector, manipulating it as such allows the user to create an "absolute defense" field that inhibits harmful objects from entering it. This can be done, for example, by either reversing their kinetic vectors or instantaneously relocating them to a different region of space).


Basic Level

  • Acceleration by increasing the magnitude and the direction of force vectors.
  • Attack Reversal by reflecting the vectors of any attack or opposing force.
  • Deflection by inverting/reversing the direction of momentum vectors.
  • Inertia Negation by nullifying all vectors that are related to inertia.
  • Motion Reversal: by reversing the direction of vectors in movement.
  • Vector Creation: by creating any kind of vector to be used.

Advanced Level

Master Level

Ultimate Level



  • May have limited range, including touch only.
  • May only be able to affect vectors related to physical objects.
  • May only be able to affect one of the two quantities of a vector (direction or magnitude), while leaving the other virtually unaffected.
  • If the user is required to perform calculations to use this ability, Enhanced Intelligence may be needed.
    • If the user lacks Enhanced Endurance, their performance of calculations to use this ability may cause them to suffer from exhaustion and other negative side effects.
  • May only be able to manipulate a certain number of vectors at a time; distraction may put user at risk.
  • May be vulnerable to any harmful effect that is unrelated to vectors.
  • If the ability is used to form an automatic reflection field, the opponent can take advantage of it by reversing their attack at the exact moment of contact with the field's area of effect, which tricks it into drawing the attack towards the user and thus allowing it to harm them.
  • If user does not possess Enhanced Lung Capacity or Oxygen Independence, they will become vulnerable to Deoxygenation.

Known Users


Video Games

  • Add (Elsword)
  • Vector (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Anubis (Zone of the Enders)



  • Weilan (Mako Mermaids)


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