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The power to manipulate matter and energy through vectors. Sub-power of Mathematics Manipulation, and Physics Manipulation. Refined and simplified version of Telekinesis.

Also Called

  • Euclidean Vector Adjustment/Alteration/Change/Control/Influence/Manipulation/Modification/Shifting/Transformation/Warping
  • Geometric Vector Control
  • Redirection Manipulation
  • Regokinesis
  • Spatial Vector Transformation
  • Vector Adjustment/Alteration/Change/Control/Influence/Modification/Shifting/Transformation/Warping


The user can manipulate vectors of matter and energy. Vectors are quantities that possess both direction and magnitude. Vectors are present in everyday operations; for example, a vector can be explained by an arrow. The arrow starts from point x and is now going to point y; that is direction. The amount or length of space to travel to the second point is magnitude. In physics, the three primary vectors are position, velocity, and force. Position is the location and orientation of something, while velocity is its speed and trajectory. Forces are the strength and direction of their acceleration, and most objects and their interactions can be described using vectors. However, the user requires enhanced intelligence and calculation to determine what vectors affect what force. Everything in the universe is going to a new location with direction and amount of space to fill the destination, that being magnitude. From subatomic particles, kinetic energy, fundamental forces, momentum, trajectories, and more can be modified by the user. With that information, the user can learn to manipulate anything by changing its vectors.

Examples of vector manipulation, The user can generate an aversion field surrounding them that deflects or reflects any hazardous material away by manipulating their vectors to another location. They can control positional vectors to change the orientation of targets or induce teleportation of matter and energy, effectually attaining a valuable form of transportation. The user can manipulate gravitational fields by using their direction (attracting to) and magnitude (gravitational field's strength) of anything, making everything weightless or weighing thousands of tons. Augment one's physical and mental condition to perform beyond what the user is generally proficient of. The user can manipulate anything that contains a vector, from the air, kinetic energy, fire, water, down below a molecular level where atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, and elementary particles exist, achieving a form of matter manipulation. With vector manipulation, the user can manipulate elemental and physical phenomena to manipulate the laws of physics.

The user can potentially manipulate metaphysical vectors ranging from extradimensional forces, dreams, entropy, universes, and aspects of reality because everything possesses a vector that allows interactions to happen.


Basic Level

Advanced Level

Master Level

Ultimate Level

Absolute Level




  • Vector Defiance
  • May have limited range, including touch only.
  • May only be able to affect vectors related to physical objects.
  • If the user is required to perform calculations to use this ability, Enhanced Intelligence may be needed.
    • If the user lacks Enhanced Endurance, their performance of calculations to use this ability may cause them to suffer from exhaustion and other negative side effects.
  • May only be able to manipulate a certain number of vectors simultaneously; distraction may put the user at risk.
  • The user may be harmed by Attacks of/from another dimension, ConceptualMagic, and Mental Attacks that have no vectors and attacks that the user cannot properly react to.
  • If the ability is used to form an automatic reflection field, the opponent can take advantage of it by reversing their attack at the exact moment of contact with the field's area of effect, which tricks it into drawing the attack towards the user and thus allowing it to harm them.
  • As they can manipulate their own vector fields, Personal Vector users are highly resistant or immune to them.
  • May have their manipulation overpowered by an opponent with superior control over their respective force/element/power/etc., as most manipulators would require some degree of power over their substances vectors to control & move them effectively.

Known Users


Video Games



  • Weilan (Mako Mermaids)

Web Series/Original

  • Tempest (My Hero United)
  • Takeru Katsuji/Cypher (My Hero United)