The power to control/emit a vector shield. Sub-power of Vector Manipulation. Variation of Defense Powers.

Also Called

  • Redirectional Shield
  • Regokinetic Shield
  • Vector Protection


The user emits and manipulates a shield/aura that can function from simply redirecting simple vectors of physics to controlling quantum vectors around the user to provide protection. Applications would include all those of Vector Manipulation but also passively or actively aid in user survivability i.e., increased speed, redirecting attacks, redirecting vectors of light to make the user invisible or distorting an area around the user.




  • May have limited range or function in certain aspects of vectors.
  • Might require Enhanced intelligence for calculations.
  • If the user reflects vectors the opponent can negate this by simply inverting the orientation of their attack.
  • The user might have limitations on the types of things this applies to like only energy or only matter.
  • Things that do not require vectors may still harm the user.

Known Users


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